Library Haul ~ 25-5-2023 (Library #1)

Library Haul ~ 25-5-2023 (Library #1)

Afternoon all!

A very happy welcome to a new Library #1 Haul! It is time for new books!

I still had one book to read, but with the added pressure of it having to go back (it was one from an earlier haul) I just couldn’t read it. So Delilah will have to wait until another date~

But that meant I had room for 15 books and that made me very happy, I was more than eager to get some new books to my life and was hoping to find some great ones. Well, HECK yeah I did. I found manga (YES), I found a children’s book I wanted but didn’t want to buy as it apparently for some weird reason had some bonus socks along with it and while I don’t have that big feet I cannot fit in those tiny socks, I found some really great other books that I just cannot wait to read. I had a lot of fun walking around the library and looking at all my favourite spots (and now adding a new favourite spot to check). I am also happy I looked at the travel section, I don’t always go there as most books are just your standard x country travel guide, but this time I also found a book about Korea! With tons of information + more.

I am so happy that they started with their manga collection! When I gave my list of manga as suggestions not that long ago, I thought it would at least be a year or so before anything would be started, but no here we are! And I just love how there is something for everyone. There is some Shoujo, some cute manga for kids, there is seinen and shounen. I cannot wait to see this collection grow~ FINALLY, we are getting more and more (English) manga in Dutch libraries! WHOO! Which meant that half of my books this time was manga. Haha.

So as I said on Twitter (in Dutch though), if you live in or near Delft, be sure to check out DokDelft as they really have a great starting collection of manga! If there is enough interest/books get loaned out enough the collection will grow! So go forth and visit, show your interest!

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STATS: 14 books. 7 manga, 2 non-fiction, 5 fiction.

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Book List, Emoji, Cute
Tokyo Ghoul #3 by Sui Ishida
Demon Slayer #1 by Koyoharu Gotouge
Demon Slayer #2 by Koyoharu Gotouge
Jujutsu Kaisen #0 by Gege Akutami
Fruits Basket Another #1 by Natsuki Takaya
Animal Crossing #4 by Kokonasu Rumba
Splatoon #1 by Sankichi Hinodeya
Vijf uur voor het vuur by Noah Withofs, Gerard van Gemert
Anna Kadabra: De club van de volle maan by Pedro Mafias
Ways to Make Sunshine by Renée Watson, Nina Mata
The Mysterious Case of the Alperton Angels by Janice Hallett
Dit is Korea by Soo Kim
Josephine Baker by Mª Isabel Sánchez Vegara, Agathe Sorlet
Dank je, Daan! by Roozeboos

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