New Releases I Hope To Read June 2023

New Releases I Hope To Read June 2023

Afternoon all!

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Hello all! Welcome to a new What I Hope To Read featuring June’s books that I am dying to be released~

Also, where the heck did May go? It feels like it was just starting and now it is already May 27th and we are almost in June! Hello? Can time not go this fast? Last month also felt like it just went by in a blink. Please, just give me longer days. Haha. And yes, I still don’t have an anniversary gift for our Wedding. Less than a month to go. Help. Does anyone have any fun ideas for a silk/wax present for a guy?

As for May, well it was a bit up/down month. My health wasn’t always participating in the fun and at the start of this week I stopped with a medicine I had for 4 years, it just didn’t work for me just made my mental health worse and some other things. So my body was not approving of that. Still is not too happy. 😞

The rest was good though. The weather REALLY improves though at this point it feels like we went from January/February to June with how the temperatures are at some days. PHEW! So hot suddenly. But I am enjoying it as well. Because I was looking forward to warmer days. Not having to wrap myself in layers. And just be able to sit outside, do some more gardening, that kind of stuff. Plus, given that Coco can now walk for around 16-20 minutes every walk we are having some great walks. Which is just a delight! She is also enjoying it a lot! And yes, Coco is doing fine. She is an adorable pest at times but once again puppy tantrums, we hope that she grows out of it soon. She is mostly just a sweety and adorable. I do miss the times when she was younger though, because these days as soon as she sees just the hint of a phone pointed at her she will jump up and come to you. No! I want to make some cute pictures. 😂 She is learning a lot of things at puppy training and we are having fun training her at home. She is getting better at things. Now she just needs to learn that no, snacks are not always coming. Haha.
I also did some baking and will be doing some baking today. A friend is coming over for Muppets Mayhem and we need to celebrate something with him, so I need some good yummy baked treats~

Reading-wise. Good good GOOD month. No more slumps have to be beaten off. I am just reading and enjoying my reads. I guess while I am not too happy about my body being wobbly again, it does help me with reading as I just got days I just have to relax/don’t do too much. I am also getting through my Netgalley. I had 4 reads that I just wasn’t getting too, and I went at it this week. Which resulting in 2 DNF. Oh well, at least I gave them a shot.

I am excited about June’s books! At first I didn’t have that many, but now I got quite a few that I am really excited about. There is a theme though, it seems June will be very spooky! I got a book about a spooky camp, there is a book about a future America which sounds quite OMG, I got a thriller. I cannot wait! Eep! And I also got one pre-order this month! I pre-ordered it back in March/April I believe and it is finally coming out in June! YES! I normally don’t pre-order, but this one is an ebook so it will release at that date, haha.

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