Release Day Blitz ~ Paladin by Onley James

Release Day Blitz ~ Paladin by Onley James

Afternoon all!

A warm welcome to a new Release Day Blitz! Today I am celebrating the release of Paladin by Onley James, the first book in the Jericho Boys series. Vigilantes, romance, and more.

For today’s post I got book/author information!

A big big congrats to the author on the book releasing today! YAY! confetti

Paladin, Onley James, Blue, Halfnaked, Blue Hair, Sexy, Sex, Steamy, Dual POV, Romance, LGBT, VigilanteArseny Lebedev lives a normal life. During the day, he’s a mechanic. At night, he livestreams a fairy tale video game called Paladin. And sometimes—only sometimes—he kills people. But they all deserve it.

Ever doesn’t know his last name. He doesn’t know much of anything. Most of his life has been torture, bought and sold by a woman who calls herself his mother. He’s resigned himself to a life of servitude, until he meets Arsen.

The moment Arsen sees Ever, they’re bonded. Ever is both fragile and feral, willing to defend himself with any tool at his disposal, even teeth. Arsen is color and light, a beacon in Ever’s darkness, as brave as the knight in the game he plays.

Arsen protects Ever fiercely, but just when he feels safe, someone attempts to drag him back to his old life, reminding him that reality isn’t fairy tales or video games. He knows staying puts Arsen in danger. But Arsen insists they’re safer together. Can Ever truly have his happily ever after or is it game over?

Paladin is a hurt-comfort, dark romance with an HEA and no cliffhangers. It features a vigilante twitch-streamer and the beautiful but feral gremlin he saves from a life of misery. As with any Onley book, you’ll find dark humor, steamy sexy times, and gratuitous violence against people who totally deserve it. This is book 1 in the Jericho’s Boys series. Each book follows a different couple.

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Paladin, Onley James, Blue, Halfnaked, Blue Hair, Sexy, Sex, Steamy, Dual POV, Romance, LGBT, Vigilante

About the author:

Onley James is the pen name of YA author, Martina McAtee, who lives in Central Florida with her children, her pitbull, her weiner dog, and an ever-growing collection of shady looking cats. She splits her time between writing YA LGBT paranormal romances and penning adult m/m romances.
When not at her desk, you can find her mainlining Starbucks refreshers, whining about how much she has to do, and avoiding the things she has to do by binge-watching unhealthy amounts of television in one sitting. She loves ghost stories, true crime documentaries, obsessively scrolling social media, and writing kinky, snarky books about men who fall in love with other men.

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