Review for A Song in the Mist

Review for A Song in the Mist

A Song in the Mist Corrinne Averiss , Fiona Woodcock, Blue, Panda, Music, Melody, Picture Book, Children's BooksA stunning book about music and unlikely friendships.

I read this one in Dutch and just had to write a review in English to reach more people because this book was gorgeous and I enjoyed it so so much~

In this book we meet Chi, a little panda who loves to listen. She loves listening to the forest sounds, but one day she hears something else entirely… a melody from a flute/piece of bamboo. You can imagine that Chi is all entranced by it and wants to know more, but at the same time she is very shy and we see what happens when she meets the boy who plays the melody. I could so imagine, especially given how the boy was also startled! I would have done the same! What follows next is an adventure, because the boy is not giving up on meeting with the panda who came to check out his small concert. And I love it, we see the gorgeous forest, lushly illustrated by Fiona Woodcock, we see the boy not giving up. But then night happens, because yes, that is how long the boy keeps on searching for Chi. I found myself rooting for Chi, to conquer her fears, to be brave, to help out. I won’t spoil what is next, but I can tell you that I really loved when happened next and what the ending showed and promised, that just warmed me all up!

The illustrations are a gem! I love Fiona Woodcock’s illustrations, she really brought the melody, the friendship, and everything else to life.

All in all, highly recommended.

Star rating, 4 stars

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