Review for Africa

Review for Africa

Africa: From the Nile Delta to Table Mountain Amber Books, Africa, Non-Fiction, Travel, Gorgeous, Architecture, Nature, Humans, Beautiful, Photographs, GiraffesI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just love a good photography book and I do love Africa, so here we are, of course I had to get this book when I saw it on Netgalley. I was ready to travel to Africa, I wish I could go for real, but that is just not going to happen, so bring me to the continent with gorgeous images!

In this book we get 224 pages full of gorgeous sceneries and we travel to every part of Africa. Focussing on every aspect. I loved that! Not just showcasing nature and animals, but also highlighting architecture, buildings, statues, tiles, and others. And we see humans as well, from people in cities to people in small little villages.
Haha, OK, well, not all buildings are pretty, as I am just not a fan of a lot of modern stuff. But I do appreciate that we got both modern and historical buildings/architecture, it makes the book a bit more rounded. I was definitely looking forward to more history/older buildings, and I am happy we got that when we visited Egypt for instance. Or Libya! I loved visiting several little towns, but also swoop through bigger ones. The little ones though, oh how I would love to really stroll through those streets and little alleys and visit the markets. Plus, of course, I would love to visit several of the parks and nature places. Africa is just so pretty!

I have to say, its been a while since I last saw photographs of Cairo, and I was just saddened how it looked.

There is also text with each picture, I read some, if I was really interested in knowing a bit more about what we saw, but for most I just checked what it was and then looked at the photograph and went on. I do appreciate there is text and I am sure there are people who read it, I am just the kind of girl who rather looks at the photographs in a photography book.

As I said before for photography books from Netgalley, I do hope that the quality of the photographs is improved in the physical edition. At times the pictures were just a bit blurry/grainy.

All in all, this was a gorgeous trip through Africa and I am very happy I could come along! I saw some gorgeous sites and this was just what I needed on a day like today. I would recommend it~

Star rating, 4 stars

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