Review for Avengers Assembly #3: X-Change Students 101

Review for Avengers Assembly #3: X-Change Students 101

X-Change Students 101 (Marvel Avengers Assembly #3) by Preeti Chhibber (Goodreads Author), James Lancett, Wolverine, Spiderman, Miss Marvel, Squirrel Girl, Humour, Children's BooksThe Avenger Students are off for a study session at the X-manor! Wolverine! Danger! Storm! And more~

I FINALLY had the chance to get this one! I was worried I would have to bribe someone. XD But finally Amazon had it in stock and late March I could finally read it!

In this one our group of Avengers are going to the X-academy for a new term! They learn new things, learn about teambuilding, and are going on a time travel excursion that had me scratching my head, haha. But then again, when doesn’t time travel make you scratch your head. It is so utterly confusing! And of course, we meet some X-men or other students from the academy on the way. I really had fun seeing the gang (and the rest of course) in the Danger Room, and that excursion full of dinosaurs was just so cool, especially when things go evil! Oh yes~ It just was a delight to read.

Spiderman is the main one in this one, but we also get some Doreen and some Kamala. And of course, I am still very much in love with the format. Comics, excerpts from chats or mails, tumblr stuff, texts, we see the gang talk together as illustration and not as a text only, and there is so much more. It makes the adventure and the excitement really come to life and I love it.

Oh, and I am giving bonus points to that cover. It just made me laugh so much. That poor Wolverine. XD He has got a fanclub coming for him, oh yes.

I loved loved the conversations of Miles with The Other Spiderman. They made me laugh so much and I loved that Miles at least has someone to go to if it is about superhero stuff. Or just about being a Spiderman.

I am also not a fan of Reptil(e). I could kinda understand where he came from at points, but for most I would have just liked to see him try at least, instead of being a grumpy grump all the time and acting like everyone is not into making friends, and OMG someone didn’t like dinosaurs, how DARE they. rolls eyes

I had kinda expected more X-men. We did get to see quite a few of them, or see texts/messages from them, but I would have liked just a bit more. Xavier is barely there, we just get a glimpse of Storm. It is mostly Wolverine and a few others that I barely recognise (sorry, Marvel and all that just confuse me greatly).

But all in all, I am happy that I finally had the chance to read this book and that it was another fun ride! I cannot wait for the next volume and see what is up then~

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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