Review for Crimson Sisters/Ganbared Sisters, Vol.3

Review for Crimson Sisters/Ganbared Sisters, Vol.3

Crimson Sisters 03 Wataru Mitogawa, Manga, Vampires, Fantasy, Sex, LGBT, Romance, Nuns, Religions, Manga, Girls, Sword, GunThe latest in the Crimson Sisters series and new characters, backstories, and monsters are revealed.

And the story continues and BOOOOY, this one was packed and at times supersexy. Seriously, I have read some vampire stuff, but the way that Dorothy and Maria are doing things at times. fans herself Boobs, blood, and sexy times. Oh my!

I did love that Maria wasn’t too afraid to give her opinion on things. Yes, she knew what the consequences may be, but she said her piece. And I admire that.

Plus, that despite everything, because she is kind of treated like the pet, she still keeps her feistiness. Still kicks major butt. Still goes her own way. Go Maria!

Things got really hectic when the vampires/scary baddies went to take over the town/city and did so with a whole army. I was definitely worried for everyone, though eventually I did wonder where all the people go, I mean, we do see several people, but for most the monsters just run havoc without much humans in between. But despite that it was exciting, especially with the addition of another character, we still don’t know if she is good or bad, but she is a new monster that, I cannot remember clearly, we haven’t met yet. I hope that we see more of this girl. There is so much action, so many great fight scenes, so much blood. And some kick-ass moments with Maria and Shannon working together, well, after they settled their dispute.

We also got a big thing with Shannon, her feelings.. especially those regarding Dorothy and how she feels about Maria. I did love that this was added. Shannon is still not 100% my fav, but it was interesting to read about her, get some more backstory, and more.

We also meet two new nuns, named Helen and Miranda. I am still not sure what to think of either of them. I do ship them together, haha, but other than that I thought they were just a bit too much/too rude/too OMG we are so good. Later we do get some more background so I could understand their reasoning more, but still. Not my favourites.

And haha, this one is pretty 16+ already, with some scenes that are like UMMMM blushes, but I definitely hadn’t expected the scissoring that happened in Chapter 13. XD

All in all though, this one was a ride! There were just a few moments of quiet, and then things would get hectic again. I love it and cannot wait for the next book (hopefully by the time this review comes up I have read the next volume). crosses fingers

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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