Review for Everything is Fine Volume One

Review for Everything is Fine Volume One

Everything is Fine Volume One Mike Birchall, Dystopia, Woman, Cat Mask/Hat/Thing, Murder, Mystery, WTFI received this graphic novel from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So, I really really wanted to read this one. And I can tell you that I have a lot of feelings. Conflicting. Headache. WHAT THE F is going on. Wait…hold on. And more like these. I am still not sure if I liked this one. I mean, it just felt very weird and at times I was very much disturbed. And as the story went on, it was got more and more disturbing and WTF.

In this graphic novel we follow a married couple, they go about their days. Sounds nice right? Well, now imagine that they are wearing huge cat masks/hats/whatever you call it. And that things are definitely not fine. Right from the bat we see that Winston, their cute dog.. well. That was just a no. And I was like, wait how can you NOT see that? WTF? What did you do? And then there is the neighbourhood outside. The stores only carry simplistic products. Someone buys all the foil. The neighbours are all happy and preppy and everything is fine. Oh, and there are cameras. Sometimes when something happens a red light goes on inside of those mask/hats. And there are more hints at things. It was at times very interesting, but because we barely got anything on WHY or WHAT I just got a bit bored (plus that dinner conversation just had me yawning) + also very confused. I would have liked to see some flashbacks. Like how it was before? Maybe some more hints to before? ANYTHING I would have taken at this point. Hand me something. I mean, by the time we got some hints… I was already so disturbed and thinking about DNF-ing the book that I wasn’t interested in them anymore.

Also, given how people reacted to that person’s cellar I thought he had a torture chamber or something else horrific there.. but the truth? Well, I won’t spoil it, but it was way more boring than that.

The ending suddenly went in full rollercoaster mode. Which just felt a bit rushed to me. Especially given that ENDING. Holy FUCK.

I am sorry if my review is chaotic as heck. It is already much better than my first review: “What the actual fuck did I just read. My headache, already persistent since last night, has decided to hold a house party in my head now. Thanks. I am so confused. So utterly confused. Cat-head wearing humans in a dystopian setting with death? Gore? Murder? Disappearances????? EHHHH?????? Weird so weird. Not sure what to think. That ending. DA FUCK.”  As you can see, this review is much better. Haha. XD

Before we end, here are some GIFs because I can.

Paranoid, Losing it, GIFNope Train, Black/White, GIFPrairie Dog, GIF, DUN DUN DUNOminous, GIF

I am not entirely sure if I would recommend it. But hey, if you are into weird dystopian cat masks stuff with lots of confusing WTFS? Check it out I guess. XD

Star rating, 2 stars

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    1. You’re welcome, haha! It was a ride. I hope you enjoy it when you read it~ You’re welcome! Aww, thank you! 🥰

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