Review for Fun with National Parks

Review for Fun with National Parks

Fun with National Parks: A Big Activity Book for Kids about America's Natural Wonders Nicole Claesen , Candela Ferrández, Non-Fiction, Activity Book, National Parks, Travelling, Fun, Puzzles, Colouring pages, bison, car, road, mountainsI received this book from Netgalley/publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I just couldn’t resist this book! I just love reading about America’s National Parks and learn all about them. Sadly, I will never see them in real life, haha, I just don’t feel safe/OK to visit the US as it is right now. But thankfully there are books and shows and all that so I can still enjoy them a bit!

In this delightful book we travel through all the national parks of America. From East to West from North to South, we will get to read about some gorgeous and stunning places that host not only animals and beautiful hiking trails, but also have cultural heritage, Native Americans, and more! I just loved reading about each park and get a bit on their history, their climates, and what animals live there. I would love to visit several of them.

This book is an activity book so as you may guess… packed full with fun puzzles, interactive bits, colouring pages, connect the dots, and many many more. A lot of them I couldn’t do, sadly, because this is an ebook and not a physical book. It is a bit hard to colour something when it is on your screen. XD But I did do several puzzles that I could do and dreamed the colours that I would have used for several colouring pages. I loved the variety of puzzles and other fun things. It was great and I am sure that this one will be a big hit if you get it in physical! If you live in the US you could even take it with you while visiting and solve puzzles and such there! It will be a treat~

I love the illustrations/the colouring pages. The style was so fun, and at times… made me laugh~

I know that this is a US book, but still I would have liked to get some measurements in metres and the likes. I have no clue what x Fahrenheit means. We are not taught in school to convert one to another so I have no clue. And I wasn’t in the mood to keep switching between my Netgalley app and my Chrome to check.

All in all, I would recommend this one! I would have enjoyed it just a bit more if I could have done more of the fun things, but for now I am still happy!

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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    1. Oh, then you will definitely love/enjoy this book! It will be perfect for your next visits~ Wow, 6! Which ones did you visit~

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