Review for How to Survive Without Grown-Ups

Review for How to Survive Without Grown-Ups

How to Survive Without Grown-Ups Larry Hayes, Katie Abey, Humour, Space, Sci-Fi, brother, sister, rainbow, vampire squid, funny, children's book, island, traps, illustrationsA laugh-out-loud book about a Pirate Ship Sofa, a journey to save parents, a dog who can speak dolphin, and many more zany things~

I came across this one on Twitter I believe and was just instantly in love. I needed to read this series! It sounded hilarious. It sounded silly. It sounded right like something I needed!

😍 The MC was such a fun and sweet character and I loved how she and her brother worked together to find their parents. To figure things out. Yes, there are some bumps on the road for these two, and that doesn’t just include vampire squids, but also talking about feelings. There are some arguments, some wrongly chosen words, but I love that they were able to tell how each of them felt. Eliza is average/normal intelligent, and her younger brother is very intelligent. She just feels left behind and also her parents treat her at times like she not special anymore. It doesn’t help that her brother at times makes remarks that she should know something. Haha, which just reminds me of the internet. OH you don’t know x or y, HOW COULD YOU! But I am happy that this event helped them with talking it out and also finding out that you don’t need to be super intelligent to be awesome. Eliza does some amazing things.
😍 While Johnnie was a bit annoying, but you all know how I am with child geniuses, I did like him for most of the book. I loved next to being supersmart you could see that he was also scared, also confused. Unlike many child geniuses I read about, Johnnie was quite human and more a child. And he also has something else going on, with his leg. We see that throughout the story Eliza and Johnnie really have to band together to help each other out.
😍 The cover is just oodles of fun.
😍 Love love the art in the book! It completed the story and made me laugh a lot of times.
😍 The book that Johnnie carried around and how it seemed to have every answer in the world, including to having a debt to ice cream monkeys. Yes. Really.
😍 The cray cray boss of the kids’ parents reminded me of a few other crazy billionaires. 😂 I was also wondering many a times when his eye would just fall out. 😱
😍 That Eliza thought that they wouldn’t be able to do things because hey, you need a vehicle to get somewhere, and then voila pirate sofa. That is all I will say. But it made me laugh so much.
😍 That the doggo was able to talk to dolphins!
😍 The island! I want to explore it myself, it sounds like heaven and oh so many secrets still to explore.
😍 Mom and dad. Before we knew what was going on though I thought they were dicks. But as soon as we found out and saw Johnnie communicate with them, I was OH NO! OH NO NO NO.
😍 That the kids were able to do THAT when things went south. Too many children’s book (and other books) often have no one believing kids, so this made me happy.
😍 That we really went to space! Yep. In a car. Oh, and there is a flying pyramid as well.
😍 Scary robot-technology. Oh dear!
😍 This story just made me laugh so so much, it was such a hoot!
😍 The ending made me smile! Though also a bit worried. And also in need of the next book. Which I still need to do as of writing this one on the 11th of April.

All in all, I could probably continue on and on and on why I loved it, I think you all got it. Now the only thing I want all my readers to do… is buy this book! Go on!

Star rating, 5 stars

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