Review for I Don’t Want to Be Small

Review for I Don’t Want to Be Small

I Don't Want to be Small Laura Ellen Anderson, Growing Up, Acceptance, Blue, Boy, Picture Book, Children's BooksA new book in the, as I would call it, I Don’t Want… series! For me it is new at least, haha.

I was so happy when I spotted this book in the library! I didn’t know that there were more books in the series, I read I Don’t Want Curly Hair back when it was released, and now I find out there are more books! Whoo! I don’t know if my library has them, but otherwise I will have to get them myself. I just love Laura Ellen Anderson’s works!

In this one we meet a little boy who just wants to be big. Out of his friends he is the smallest. The clothes his older brother gives him because they don’t fit him? Still too big! Everything the boy wants to do he can’t as he is too small. When in a tantrum he throws his beloved teddy in a tree (yes really, and sorry to the boy but I laughed) he is in a pickle! We see him try all sorts of things to get it out of the tree. I was cheering him on and hoping that he would find a solution!

And a solution he finds and one that made me aww! It is the power of friendship and I just loved and adored seeing the two cooperate and team up! And then there is a very sweet and happy ending and I was just so happy for him.

I also loved seeing the girl from the Curly Hair book again along with some others I recognised. So fun!

And of course the art is fabulous again!

All in all, a fun book about acceptance, friendship, growing up, and maybe not throwing your teddy in a tree. XD

Star rating, 4 stars

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