Review for Kakegurui, Vol.2

Review for Kakegurui, Vol.2

Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler, Vol. 2 Homura Kawamoto , Toru Naomura, Gambling, Cards, Games, Manga, Girl, Crazy, FunThe second volume and things are heating up!!

I am so happy that I got both of these in one go, because I would have been sad otherwise. This series is just way too much fun and way too over the top, but in a good way!

In this book we learn some new horrifying truths about the school, about the pochi/mike system that is in place and how horrifically that is for those who have that lanyard around their necks, we meet the student council even better and get to learn some new types that are in there. And I agree with those boys that we overheard talking, everyone in the council is just bonkers. And they are. We got a girl who looks like a loli but is way sharper than most, there is a girl who wears an eyepatch and carries a gun with her and who likes to gamble with that (more broken than crazy I think this girl just needs help), and then there are others. It was quite interesting to learn more about the school and what makes it tick. Though, well, frankly, I wouldn’t want to go to that school. No thank you. Given everything? Nope. I mean, if you are in debt? You can become a pet, or be a pet for life. Yep, if your debt is more than one could potentially pay back? They will set up a lovely little life plan for you. Do you have a choice in the matter? HAHA, fuck no. Good luck.

Most of the book focusses on something new that the council has set up, a system that allows people to get rid of their debts… The whole system is a bit over the top and at times I had to really check if I was reading it right. Yes, my German is pretty decent, but at times it just gets a bit much, especially when it goes technical/detailed. But I managed to figure most of it out and then the fun starts. Because Yumeko is going to play a game, and not just Yumeko, but also Mary, bully Jun, and a poor girl who has been so abused named Nanami. And the game is going to get heated, crazy, out of hand, and oh so awesome. I was just loving this game, because Jun? That dick deserved a lot of karma. The way he treated peeps who are pets is beyond what most people do, he really abuses them and uses them as slaves. So this game of Double Indian Poker? BRING IT! And the game really got intense and at points I was wondering who would win. Of course, not Jun, haha, but would Yumeko win? Or Mary or Nanami?

And I just love that I am learning so much about all sorts of games. You know, in a normal setting without the potential debt and oh you are fucked, I would love to give a lot of these a shot!

I will stick to my point, most of these are rich peeps and yet gamble all they can. Most will probably do well, but I still wonder what kind of parent would just give their kids that much money. XD

And the art was chef kiss again!

All in all, I definitely will need to read the rest, probably by the time this review appears (writing this in March) I will have books 3 and 4 in my possession, well I hope. Haha. I would highly recommend this series to all. Craziness all around!

Star rating, 5 stars

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