Review for Meesh the Bad Demon, Vol.1

Review for Meesh the Bad Demon, Vol.1

Meesh the Bad Demon #1 Michelle Lam, Graphic Novel, Demon, Fairies, Fantasy, Children's Book, Friendship, Mystery, Magic,I received this book from Netgalley/the publisher/TBR and Beyond Tours in exchange of an honest review!

I am doing a spotlight post, but I just couldn’t resist to read this one when I got the e-ARC invite. I hope you all enjoyed my Blog Tour (which was late March) and will enjoy this review!

This was a bit chaotic, sometimes confusing story, but in overall I had a blast reading it! So much adventure! A dash of magic and strange amulets doing things (which I liked, especially since each time did something different and I loved seeing Meesh discover what she could do). I loved how many things come together and as the story continues we learn more and more about the world. But there is still a surprise at the end! I loved that one part of the story is now finished, but that there is still plenty of things to happen. I loved seeing how the demons lived, but also discover a world for fairies, and even one were everyone was living together (I am especially curious about this world and why the other two worlds are so separate). The story with something happening to the lava and how that turned everyone into stone was an interesting one, especially since it wasn’t as simple as lava turning peeps into stone, there was something more to it, something dark and exciting that will continue in the next book.

Meesh was adorable and fun. I could definitely understand that she wondered if she was a real demon or not. She loves fairies, she loves cute things, she has a hard time with demon stuff (like vomiting acid or fire breathing), she loves flowers. You can imagine that people around her, especially her classmates, are making it hard for her. I just wanted to give her so many hugs and tell her it is fine. That being a demon doesn’t mean you should be able to do all that and do all the same as everyone. You can also be yourself. And I was hoping that she would discover that as the story continued. Discover that being a demon isn’t so bad.

I would definitely love to see that TV-show! Could we have a book with just those adventures? I would love love love that!

And I love Nouna and Meesh! So sweet! At first they had their differences and at times throughout the story they also argued, but you could see them bonding, getting closer. Learning both how to fly and see them discover that fairies and demons may not all be that different. And that the story told through the times may not all be truth.

Though I am bit done with bullies turning into friends and aww, boohooo sob sob. I am sorry, as a girl bullied most of her life, I am fucking done with that trope. I just want either no bullies or let them just be bullies. BTW, I also told my hubby about it, and he was the same as me.

The art is fantastic, as I had already hoped it would be! The style is very fun and pretty~

All in all, despite being a bit confusing, this was fun to read and I just couldn’t stop. I need to know how it will continue~

Star rating, 4 stars

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