Review for Nuclear Winter, Vol. 3

Review for Nuclear Winter, Vol. 3

Nuclear Winter Vol. 3 Cab, Purple, Reactors, Girl, Trip, Science, Graphic Novel, Radiation, Adult, Nuclear Winter Vol. 3 CabThe final volume and it all comes together now!

I finally was able to buy the final volume of this series. I just didn’t want it to end, and for a bit it was also not easy to find on Amazon. But now was a good time and Amazon had it, so here we are! I thought I may have to read the first two volumes again, but I started… and just got right back in the groove and that is just YES! I love it when that happens with a series.

Flavie is back again and we see how the radiation is affecting her, she really could use some help. Yes, she has her meds, but I was just so worried about her. I am happy that this book didn’t just focus on her delivering things, instead it focussed on her taking a job with the university and be a guide while they set up all the equipment/get data/and more. It was a lot of fun, as Flavie really comes to life with this new job. You see she thinks it is fun, exciting, and is all ready to help. She can lift a lot, she has connections, she knows the routes.

It was interesting to get closer to the cause of the decade of snow, and I also loved seeing that maybe things are lessening. That the snow is slowly melting, at least, further away from the accident site, maybe one day it will all be safe again. Well, snow-wise at least, because radiation will be a long way away. I loved that there is a team at an university trying to figure things out, get data, set up things again or fixing things, and more. I do hope that they are able to get somewhere with their research. It would be great if it is all true, that the snow is leaving. I can just imagine how happy people will be. I mean, I don’t mind snow. But 10 years of endless snow? Nah.

I am glad about how the whole Marco stuff went. I am not really a fan of Marco and I wish he could have also seen this coming. I mean, you cannot just come and go to your girlfriend’s house willynilly, eat her food, lounge, and do zero things with her. Yes, she is also busy, but in the beginning there was a moment they could have done something together, but oh no, Marco had to leave again. rolls eyes I really never felt any chemistry between the two. And when he went along on the trip, good lord, I was just so frustrated with him, but also a bit with Flavie. I am glad that she was able to speak her thoughts, but oh no girl, don’t do that!

There were some heartbreaking, and OMG, Cab cannot end it at this note, right? I am glad how everything went in the end, but boy, was a frightened for my girl there! And the ending itself? Skipping to a bit later and seeing a very YAS scene? I loved it. Go Flavie!

I will definitely be sad to see this series end, it was such a wonderful and at times emotional ride. I would highly recommend this series.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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