Review for Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie, Vol.1

Review for Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie, Vol.1

Shikimori's Not Just a Cutie, Vol. 1 Keigo Maki, Romance, Manga, Cool, Different Sides, Sweet, Fun, Bad Luck, Girl, Pink HairOne of the manga in my humble bundle and I just had such a laugh with this one! Bad luck, romance, and a very cool girlfriend.

Some time ago I bought a new Humble Bundle Manga and this one was in it! I was curious about it as the blurb sounded quite interesting. But would she be cool or cold? Well, I can tell you I really loved seeing Shikimori’s cool side! I even including some shots from the manga as I just had to share it!

Meet Yu/Izumi, a boy who has the worst luck. For real. In the first panels his bag strap gets stuck on a PASSING car’s mirror and he is almost dragged off his feet, thankfully his cool and sweet girlfriend is here. She is used to him having bad luck and is trying to help him out. And boy, he could use all the luck in his life. From photographs taken by him going bad to forks flying in the air launching at him to spraining ankles from light exercise, this guy, I just felt for him so many times. I loved that he never gave up though. He wasn’t always happy, especially as he got bullied by the other peeps in class for being who he is + dating Shikimori (she is one of the popular girls in class), but he tries to find happy moments. Fun dates with Shikimori. Trying to do something special for her. And more. But, I could also understand at times that he was feeling insecure. I mean, it is still a thing despite us living in 2023, he thinks that men should be tough, cool, composed. But Izumi just gets in a lot of scraps and his girlfriend has to save him. His girlfriend is cooler than he is.

I loved Shikimori. She was so adorable and cute, but at the same time a bit deredere. And at times also insecure, like when she tried all those outfits and Izumi/Yu forgot to compliment her and she was fretting about it. And oh yes, she can kill with a glare. This girl can go from sweet and adorable and giggly to cool and composed and tough in mere seconds. At first I was worried that maybe the transition would feel weird, but I have to say it worked out like a treat. It just felt natural. That she has these two sides that are very much different from each other. I loved how cool Shikimori was. At times she looked like a handsome prince here to save the day! And at other times, well, as I said she can kill with just a glare. XD

I loved seeing these two together, see them go on dates. See Shikimori try on all sorts of cute (or tough) outfits. See them have a fun time. They really fit together well and I was rooting for them to stick together!

And I didn’t mind that it was a lot of saving or that it always started with Izumi/Yu saying the same thing. Because unlike a lot of manga with repetition this one also shows growth in the characters and we really get to know them.

I also love finding out how they got together. And of course, it is Izumi/Yu’s bad luck, or should we call it bad luck when you fall in love and a girl does the same?

The art was just fantastic. I loved how the author could bring out the cool and cute sides and also the rest of the art is great. I love the style and how the characters were drawn!

All in all, by the time this review has come up, I am sure I have read the other volumes (or gave them a shot) + will have checked out the anime. Really curious how this cool/cute works out.

Star rating, 5 stars

Here are a few images:

Shikimori's Not Just a Cutie, Vol. 1 Keigo Maki, Expressions, Shikimori Shikimori's Not Just a Cutie, Vol. 1 Keigo Maki, Expressions, ShikimoriShikimori's Not Just a Cutie, Vol. 1 Keigo Maki, Expressions, ShikimoriShikimori's Not Just a Cutie, Vol. 1 Keigo Maki, Expressions, Shikimori

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