Review for The Collectors

Review for The Collectors

Fright Watch, The Collectors, Book 2, Lorien Lawrence, Children's Books, Horror, Scary, Mystery, Ghosts, Graveyard, TreeYou thought defeating the Oldies was enough? Meet the Ladies in White!

I have had this book for some time, but in February I decided to just step over that invisible barrier and read it, and I am glad I did. While I had some frustrations (mostly Mike) I had fun reading it and I flew through it.

In this one the neighbourhood is seemingly fine again… but then new people move to the neighbourhood. The houses get filled again. This time by several ladies which they aptly name Ladies in White. Who have a design/interior office. I instantly had OHHH, SNAP here we go again from the start. I mean, Abigail? I just got all the red flags vibes from her! I was excited to see what Abigail was. Was she really something out of this world? Who were the other girls? Why did they range from age? Why did they all dress in white? And why? Also, did that glass really go through one of the ladies her hands? Oh my! And I loved reading the story as things got more spooky, and also more personal. Because Quinn’s best friend Lex is now working at the Ladies in White. As a help, but what if Lex starts to change? From vibrant and happy to distant and wearing all white? What if Lex is constantly with Abigail and the other girls? I really couldn’t stop reading and I had to know if Lex was all right and if Quinn would be able to figure things out before it was too late! I loved the mystery behind Abigail and it was nice and dark~

Mike was the biggest reason why I was so frustrated. Eventually it got less, but even after that he just had those random moments that he suddenly got angry or suddenly acted like shit and I just wasn’t a fan. I get it, the Oldies and what happened was scary. I get it, you don’t want to go through it again. I get it, you have scary dreams and barely sleep. I get it, it is hard. But instead of reacting it to Quinn, just be nice to her, she was there to, she also has fears and nightmares. Instead of dismissing her about the Ladies in White, just listen to her. Just talk with her. Just try to be there for her. I am glad that eventually they talked and that things got a bit better, but still Mike at times acted like Quinn was overreacting.

I love that we got some track, see Mike and Quinn go on daily runs, see them work with their teams. I didn’t know that track was such a big thing in the US though, but I keep encountering it in books.

I would have kinda liked to see Quinn and Mike make their relationship real. I mean, the spark is there. I hope that doesn’t sound wrong since these are teens, but they are just so cute together (well the moments that Mike wasn’t frustrating) and I just love seeing them get closer. I would have definitely liked to see them talk about THEM and go from fake to real.

The ending was awesome, it was exciting, scary, WOW, and there was more. I am definitely curious about the next book in the series~

All in all, I hope that there are many more books coming, though I also hope that we get to know why every spooky thing keeps happening in this town, haha. I would recommend it!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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