Review for The Extraordinary Curiosities of Ixworth and Maddox

Review for The Extraordinary Curiosities of Ixworth and Maddox

The Extraordinary Curiosities of Ixworth and Maddox J.D. Grolic, Magic, Fantasy, Children's Book, Orange, Men, Girl, Items, Store, Mystery, Kidnapping, Temples, Masks, LondonI received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

I just had to say YES when I got the mail from the author asking me if I would like to review their book! A magic store? A girl discovering magic? And there is mystery? YES!

In this book we have a magic store filled with the most awesome items you can think of (I need that Memory Desk), but also stuff for the common folk. Yep. The store has a way that at one point it is filled with frills and such for the people who don’t know about magic, and then boom, there are commissions and other stuff later in the day. There are brownies working in the basement. I just wanted to visit the store so badly, it sounded like a wonderful and magic place, even during the day.

Chloe was such a fun character, though I did feel for her. In regards to the friendship, I could understand that feeling wholly. I had the same happen with my friends around that age. They would be more interested in x and I was more into y. Or still into y. XD And as for her parents, I just wanted to hug her and give the parents a shake or two. You got this kid. You take care of her. Don’t just let her alone, forget about her, or just act like she is something that accidentally got into the house. She is your child. But I loved that Chloe didn’t let all of that get to her. I loved how she kept going, how she found a family with Maddox and Ixworth. Their store. Their magic. Their tales of magic and fantasy. And I loved how, despite magic being a bit complex (I mean I still don’t entirely get the instructions for the Rosebud), she kept on going. Trying it out. Keep on trying.

The mystery was a lot of fun and I loved seeing Maddox and Chloe try to figure out things. I loved that Maddox allowed Chloe to be a part of it. I have read so many books with children who want to help out with finding a friend and solving mysteries but get blocked by adults. Not in this case. These two work together. Chloe is learning magic and has the power of modern magic (aka cellphones and the likes) on her side and Maddox has knowledge, strong magic, and experience. I loved that the mystery thickened and thickened. We kept finding out new things, fun things, exciting things, and even met up with some people along the way. We learn some mysteries and dive deep in the magic of London. Did I mention evil masks and scary temples? No, well those are also there!

It was fab this one took place in London and that we got to see quite a bit of it~

But yeah, I would have liked the wizards/magicians to at least go with what is new in the world. I mean, if I was a wizard/magician in a time that so much changed? I would be very much curious about all that is coming out. I would definitely try it all out.

I am not sure how I felt about the twist at the end. It definitely made me very wary of the character. I get that he was pressured, cursed, and all sorts of other things, but still I had expected better and I am just not sure if I can truly trust him again in the next volume. I would have rather have had him be x rather than what he has become now.

All in all, this was a good book and I definitely hope that there will be more books in the future! I need to see if Chloe masters more magic, what the store will sell, and what is next for Chloe, Maddox, and Ixworth.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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