Review for The Yakuza’s Bias, Vol. 1

Review for The Yakuza’s Bias, Vol. 1

The Yakuza's Bias 1 Teki Yatsuda, K-pop, Humour, Silly, Music, Boyband, Yakuza, Manga, Man, Smoke, BiasI received this manga from the publisher/Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just couldn’t resist this manga when I saw it. I mean that cover? Sold! That blurb? Sold even more! And I have to say I love the cover that we got in the review copy even more!

This book is about a yakuza lieutenant who is very serious about being a yakuza, and gets even more serious about something else when Miss Megumi (someone from the Yakuza I believe) shows Ken about K-pop, at first he is a bit unconvinced, but then he goes full stan for one of the boys in MNW. Jun. Yep. His first concert? He has a sign made saying: Be my aniki!. Yep. Ken is sold on K-pop and especially Jun. I loved seeing him get more and more dedicated with each chapter. From trying his best to collect, to glaring angrily at peeps who took the Jun table at a cafe, to discussing with the Madam of the Yakuza about why Jun is the best (she is fan of another guy in the group), to much more. He even makes a Twitter and fills it with his fanfiction about Jun and him and being in the Yakuza together. Yep. Ken is totally a stan. And I love it. I loved how he connected the K-pop stuff with his experiences in the yakuza world. I also had lots of fun reading Ken’s tweets, and see how he tried his best to collect all there was for Jun.

Megumi was such a fun character and I loved how she taught Ken all about K-pop, stanning, getting items, and more.

I also loved seeing other Yakuza and them falling for MNW/K-pop world. Not just those in Ken’s group, but also from his enemies. I was just laughing my butt off. Everyone was first as doubtful as Ken was in the beginning, and then totally hardcore dedicated. Which let to a hilarious scene at the end.

It was great that we also got a small glimpse from the MNW boys. We see the boys react to the Ken, because it is not everyday that there is an older male Cheers (what the fans are called), and especially not one that is yakuza. I really liked that the author/mangaka added these small scenes, it just made me smile. I loved how happy Jun was about having a new fan.

At times it was a bit chaotic, but I don’t mind it that much, for most I just had so much fun reading this one.

And the art was just fantastic, I love love it so much. Very realistic, and dang those K-pop boys Swoons.

All in all, I would highly recommend this one to everyone! This was oodles of fun to read~

Star rating, 4 stars

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