Review for This Book has Alpacas and Bears

Review for This Book has Alpacas and Bears

This Book has Alpacas and Bears  Emma Perry ,  Rikin Parekh, Picture Book, Alpaca, Bear, Books, Children's Books, Animals, ConvincingA pretty fun book about an alpaca DETERMINED to get some books written about him and his species~

I came across this book and I just had a giggle at the cover, so this one had to come along on one of my library visits!

In this book we meet Alfonso the Alpaca (a name that I found very fitting). He loves reading and relaxing with a good book (yes, yes yes), but what if all the books he has access to… are about bears? I could imagine that Alfonso is not happy and is eager to get some changes. However.. he cannot write for life. Yep. He has big plans but only feet and that doesn’t make writing that easy. Thankfully, he has a friend who LOVES to write. Meet Colin. A bear who loves writing books. But only about bears. Because bears are awesome. Yep. You can see the problem arising already. And it doesn’t help that while Alfonso has some great ideas and that his motivations are pure, he does get very annoying. I mean, seriously, if someone would pester me like that… I would be not happy. The character of Alfonso really did sour for me at points because of how he acted and didn’t regard Colin’s feelings at all.

Thankfully, he does pick himself up and does something very cool, something that also had me cheering for him again. Sometimes you just have to go all out, but in a good way!

The ending made me happy and I was proud of Colin and also for Alfonso.

The art by Rikin Parekh was a lot of fun, I loved how they drew the animals and the scenes of chaos.

All in all, despite Alfonso turning to quite annoying, it was a lot of fun to read this book and I wouldn’t mind other books about this duo/other animals!

Star rating, 3 stars

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