Review for True Beauty, Vol. Two

Review for True Beauty, Vol. Two

True Beauty #2 True Beauty Volume Two  Yaongyi, Young Adult, Romance, Make-Up, Beauty, Man, Flowers, KoreaI received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

EEP! I was so excited when I saw the second volume up on Netgalley! I just love this series it is so much fun. Beauty, trying to find your place, maybe a hot boyfriend along the way, and more.

In this one we are back into Jugyeong’s life. Full of make-up, trying to manoeuvre through life and hot boys, figure out if she wants to go to university (well, with a mom like that you have no choice but at least there are still options for her), see her go between super pretty and normal mode, see her and her friends go to karaoke, and there is much more. I loved seeing her get better at make-up and I loved that at times she just went out normal. It was a shame that people judged her so harshly for her appearance with make-up, WTF is wrong with people. I loved the opportunity she got at the later part of the book, that is such a wonderful thing for her and it fits so well with her.

I loved seeing Suho and Jugyeong get more time together. And that she dares to be herself with him. Yes, the magic part is of course also a bit of herself, but we readers all know that she much rather goes out in comfy clothes and no make-up. I loved that he helped her study… and well that he probably wants more.

I also loved that our MC isn’t the only one with make-up magics. Haha, we meet Sujin who can do some magic as well. Though I wasn’t a fan of Sujin that much, she was so phony and annoying, and given this takes place in Korea, I would think they also got that people can pay through phone? I mean in my little country you can, so I would expect a big and tech-filled country like South-Korea to have even more advanced things. I did like that we got to see a bit more about her home situation and get a bit more of a view on things, but that still doesn’t excuse her rotten behaviour.

And I know this takes place in Asia, so people are tinier and often thinner, but still, Jugyeong is by far NOT fat. She is all about OMG that body this and that body that, but GIRL you like fine.

I did love meeting new boys. OK, that one black-haired boy is a big no for me for now, but Aiden Kim? Love him. He is so sparkly and energetic and he made me laugh with how enthusiastic he was.

I am also happy that we got less of those weird reaction panels. I really didn’t like those in the last volume so I am happy there are less of them here. It was just much better.

I did like meeting Gowoon, I hope that Jugyeong can help her out. Yes, make-up is not always the answer, but maybe it will help her get some confidence.

My review copy did end rather suddenly. At the moment that Jugyeong asks Gowoon about the make-up. Is that where it ended for real? It felt very sudden and I would have liked maybe some extra pages so it was more clear/felt more conclusive.

But all in all, I am hyped, this was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to the next volume.

Star rating, 4 stars

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