Review for You Got Me Sempai, Vol.1

Review for You Got Me Sempai, Vol.1

You Got Me, Sempai!, Vol. 1 Azusa Mase, Romance, Sweet, Mature, Adorable, Manga, Boy, Girl, EmbraceAn adorable and sweet manga filled with romance, funny moments, and gorgeous art.

One of the 80-ish manga I got from that Kodansha-first-volume-free-promotion! This one just looked adorable and I just had to read it! And now I want the whole series.

In this adorable manga a girl named Serina finds that someone has written all over her desk, lyrics to a love song. Of course, she cannot resist replying to the messages and so begins something that leads to whoever wrote the lyrics and Serina dating! It was just adorable how it all started. She was all excited about him, and he.. well, he was just a bit more stoic and apparently also forgot she existed. Teehee. No worries though, he is interested and is giving it a chance. And that leads to some adorable scenes, along with some hilarious scenes as Mizukawa-sempai has some idiot friends who love to tease him. I really loved seeing the two of them together, figure things out, share kisses, and be happy. At times the time went a bit weird, or maybe I was just tired, but at times I wondered how long they were together, I mean, Serina seemed quite shy but quite soon in the volume she decides to spend the night with sempai (for which I wondered what brilliant excuse she told her parents XD). But I was definitely shipping these two and I hope that Mizukawa-sempai was able to also convey his feelings a bit more clearer, we see that Serina feels a bit unsure. She is quite easy with saying I love you and that she likes him.. he is a bit more stoic.

But that ending! OHMYGOSHSHSHSHH! I was just crying and so happy. I won’t spoil it, but it was perfect!

I have to say this was more mature than I had thought. I mean, Serina looks more like 12-13, but going by the ages on Wikipedia for ages of high schoolers in Japan she would be 15-16. Plus, given things and how both of them were I thought this would just be a teehee, OMG we are holding hands and maybe sharing some cute kisses. Instead the kisses are quite deep, and there is also one scene where she requests her sempai to touch her and that leads to a more steamy scene. I don’t mind it at all, but I just hadn’t expected it. XD I am curious if later volumes will get even more mature/steamy.

The art is fantastic, OK, sometimes things were a bit much, I mean, look at the cover, look at those hands and those arms, that is not NATURAL, ok? But other than that, as I said, the art is gorgeous. I love the details!

All in all, this is one manga I want more of. I am delighted that the book is out in German as well, that means cheaper manga and that means I can keep on reading it soon, haha, by the time this review pops up I will probably have bought a few volumes~

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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