Review for Zombie 100 – Bucket List of the Dead, Vol.6

Review for Zombie 100 – Bucket List of the Dead, Vol.6

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead #6, Haro Aso, Koutarou Takata, Bea, Sword, Fire, Zombies, Horror, Manga, The conclusion to the ARC with awful antagonists, tons of zombies, and a new plan!

FINALLY, FINALLY, we are getting the end of this arc. I mean, I loved the start and how our crew found Akira’s hometown. I loved meeting his parents, see him resolve things. HOWEVER, the whole antagonists and the shit they do stuff? NOT A FAN. SO I am very happy that this one spells the end for that.

I mean, I don’t mind a GOOD antagonist. But these guys (and girl) are just shit. I am sorry to say. One girl is pissed because of how people treated her at her work, while we can clearly see that the way she acts at her work… is not good. Another guy is pissed because he got fired at his work.. because he threw a LIT cigarette in the trashcan and his whole workplace just went up in ashes. See what I mean? I just felt pissed about these guys and their entitlement. How they feel like they are all right and everyone is wrong while they are just horrible people. I was just rolling my eyes and praying for the zombies to have a lunch or two.

Thankfully, there is plenty of awesomeness. With a fantastic plan from Akira and a kick-ass chat from him that had me cheering for him, he has grown so much. The villagers, even the oldies, are rocking it. Bea had a magnificent and weird plan that worked to perfection. There were tons of zombies and a lot of om nom nom zombie eating. It was just getting better and better and I found myself rooting for these oldies and their village. That they would be able to reclaim it. I won’t tell you what happens, but I can tell you that you will be cheering and rooting for the good guys! It is just so great to see people band together and try to fix things and make sure everyone is fine.

There is also something at the end that had me first startled, and then laughing, that is so Akira’s dad. I guess if it does progress it is bad, but for now it is just what it is, and I had a laugh at everyone’s reactions.

I loved what they planned next and I was excited to go with them on that journey. I would have done the same as they. Now is the time to do it, let’s go!

I would also absolutely LOVE LOVE a spin-off with the Kosakas! I need to see their wishlist, see them visit all sorts of places, and want to see them get to the airport, because that is the important part.

All in all, I had fun reading this one back in February (yes, my blog is full) and I hope that by the time this review pops up I have bought Vol.8, apparently Vol.9 will come out the day after this review and the 10th volume won’t be out until August, SHOCK! I would recommend this series to all, I cannot WAIT for the tv series.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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