Top 5 Tuesday: 23-5-2023: Air? No Flying!

Top 5 Tuesday: 23-5-2023: Air? No Flying!

Hi!! Good evening~

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Welcome to a new Top 5 Tuesday!! The last one of this month featuring elements, this week it is Air, but I went with flying.

Since I just had no clue what to make of the theme. Air? I mean air is generally invisible so um, I just went with flying as that was also an option. Another option I was thinking about was books with Air as a title, but while I did find plenty of books with the word Air in them they weren’t Air exclusive, it was Fairy or Hairy or something like that. But flying was good! And then came the next debate. Animals that fly or finding covers with a person or an animal actually in the air/flying? I went with the last one in the end though I had plenty for both of these ideas~ But flying just seemed more fun to me.

I also hope that everyone is having a good week so far~ Mine is off to a rocky start, stopped with a medicine and well, I feel like I am dying at this time. Hopefully things settle!


Top 5 Tuesday was created by Shanah at Bionic Book Worm, and it is my absolute privilege and pleasure to say that it is now being hosted here, at Meeghan reads!! Each week there is a new theme and you need to find 5 books that fit the theme in one way or another! From TBRs to finding items on covers to books with themes, there are all sorts of fun prompts~

Flying High (Diary of an Accidental Witch, #2) by Perdita Cargill , Honor Cargill, Katie Saunders, Witch, Flying, Frog, Friendship, Magic, Fantasy, Diary, Children's Book
Oakleaf Academy: A Mystery at Fairy School Melody Lockhart , Roberta Tedeschi, Children's Book, Friendship, Magic, Fantasy, Smallfolk, Fae, Illustrations, Girl, Night, Tower
Mirabelle In Double Trouble Harriet Muncaster, Children's Book, Magic, Dragons, Pranks, Family, Vacation
Dinosaurs Before Dark Jenny Laird (Adapted by) , Mary Pope Osborne , Kelly Matthews, Dinosaurs, Travel, Magic, Fantasy, Graphic Novel, Sister, Brother, Flying
Peggy the always sorry pigeon Wendy Meddour, Friendship, Standing Up For Yourself, Pigeon, Picture Book, Skyline, Children's Book

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