Friday Face Off: 30-6-2023: The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

Friday Face Off: 30-6-2023: The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

Evening everyone!

Welcome to a new summery Friday Face Off! It is time for a new cover and I picked a fun summery cover for you all! I am featuring The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson (see my epically long (really past me whut) review here as I absolutely LOVED the book)

I was hunting around for a fun new book to feature on my blog and I was searching for something full of summer! And then I came across this one and it had plenty of fun/funny/sweet/dog-filled covers (so many adorable dogs) for me to share! It is so funny how some books have just one or two covers and some have tens or even more different covers! This book doesn’t just have gorgeous/fun covers but it was also a book that I so so loved! Family, summer, dogs, romance, friendship!

Well, let’s go to the covers!


What is Friday Face Off? It’s a memepost created by Books by Proxy and now hosted on Books and Travelling by Lynn! It used to be that she would post a list of a topic and you would find covers, but these days you are free to pick a cover of your own that has a lot of editions and feature them on your blog~

πŸ’•My Favourite!πŸ’•

The French one (which is also a cover in English) and the Bulgarian version! I just love the ice cream car + the dogs on the left and I love how the dogs are illustrated on the right. I wouldn’t mind having the right cover as a print on my walls. It is so cute!Β 

2 thoughts on “Friday Face Off: 30-6-2023: The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

  1. Omg I LOVE the bulgarian version too!! i see a mice big sausage right in the middle !! πŸ₯° also the only one featuring a dog in a cone?? I wonder if that’s something off the story..

    1. Yay, another fan of the Bulgarian cover! 😍 I noticed that as well, sadly it’s been 7 years since I read it. I do have a big big review but there is nothing about a dog with cone in there. So maybe I should re-read it one day!

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