Library Haul ~ 10-6-2023 (Library #2+#3)

Library Haul ~ 10-6-2023 (Library #2+#3)

Afternoon all~

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A happy welcome to the newest in Library Hauls! Today I am sharing with you my AMAZING Library #2 and #3 haul! WHOOOOOOO!

First up was Library #3 and while I didn’t find a lot at the new releases either on the ground floor or at the YA/children’s part, I didn’t mind! I had some room for a lot of fun manga and graphic novels! I was delighted that this library had Demon Slayer #3 and #4 for me and also Ima Koi #4, I have been hoping to continue reading those, so yay! It was a great visit, and I would have stayed longer (it is so hot outside), but haha, I couldn’t let my hubby and Coco wait too long.

Next up Library #2. I had 11 reservations waiting for (well, 12 in the end, thankfully I found out before we were too far away so I could hop back quickly) and I was hoping to find some books that I had had my eyes on but since reservations are going so eh lately I didn’t want to reserve. And I had a super haul here! Really. WOW. They had added new books to the new releases table, even some just added yesterday (checked the site) and I was just making a big pile to put in my trolley. Haha, I hadn’t expected to find THIS many books there. It was great fun and then I still had to scour for some reservations that they couldn’t find (one was on the bookshelves that I wonder if anyone other than the one putting books there knows about and another book was just were it was supposed to be). I really had a lot of fun walking through the library, enjoying the cool air and not melt for a bit. OK, my trolley was definitely not happy as I kept adding more and more books. But he shouldn’t complain, he falls apart at a few books. 🤣

All in all, I got a TON of new books to read and I am just so hyped about them! By the time this post goes up I will probably have read 2 of the comics and started one of the books, I have my eyes on the Papa! book~

STATS: 38 or 39 books at Library #3 (had to go back for a reservation, found another book, and thus lost count) and 12 books at Library #3! throws confetti

NOTE Book List is to come, it is now 8.04pm on Saturday and I just finally sat down without any plans or things coming up, after a long day spending a lot of that in 30+ heat, I just want to sit and relax. So I will be making the book list on Monday-ish. Look forward to it. And you can check my Goodreads, not all books will be there as Goodreads doesn’t have everything, but you will at least get a glimpse of things!

NOTE: Photos 1 and 2 and 3 are Library #2 and Photo 4 is Library #3.

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De heks in mij by Loes Hollander
De stad zonder wind by Eléonore Devillepoix
Tussen twee vuren by Laura Diane
Welkom in nerdland: Ruimtevaart by Toon Verlinden, Meneer Heirman
Papa! by Iven Cudogham
Tuinieren a la Bloemen by Karin Bloemen
Overal zijn vogels by Britta Teckentrup
Epische treinreizen by Gestalten
Van dwaallicht tot drakenkoning by Claire Cock-Starkey

Eerste hulp bij lastige ouders by Elisa van Spronsen
Dinoverhalen by Unknown
Ik kleur van jou by Milja Praagman
Honden & Katten: Zoek & Vind by Gareth Lucas
Ramon de bizon by Lou Beauchesne, Kate Chappell
De dag dat ik een vogel werd by Ingrid Chabbert
Nout en ik in de Razende Ruimte by Fleur Doornberg-Puglisi
Brikkie en spookje Piekhaar by Carry Slee, Marijn van der Wateren
Het verwarrende liefdesleven van Lottie by Kate Kirby
Vonk by Tim Tilley
De toren van Hoesbasbas by Gardien Nijland
een pup in de klas by Isabel Versteeg
Een oenbeest op het pompoenfeest by Marc de Bel
De kinderen van het Klissenveldje by Katarzyna Ryrych, Grazyna Rigall
Maffe Muffins by Geronimo Stilton

My hero academia, vol.14 by Kohei Hirokoshi
Adele: Ik was het niet! by Mr. Tan
Becoming Brianna by Terri Libenson
Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe
Migali #2 by Fabien Ökto Lambert
Dylan Haegens Stripboek #2 by Dylan Haegens
In de maneschijn by Various authors
Vos en Haas aa bee see by Sylvia Vanden Heede
Hartjes met een kus by Mieke van Hooft
Opa’s Pride by Harry Woodgate
Circus Pavlof by Stefan Wolters, Barbara de Wolf
De grote hummelheisa by Sophie Schoenwald, Günther Jakobs
Vos & Zoon by Paddy Donnelly
Edmond by Astrid Desbordes
De natuur is een speelgoedkist by Wendy Shurety, Harriet Hobday

Demon Slayer, Vol.4 by Koyoharu Gotouge
Demon Slayer, Vol.3 by Koyoharu Gotouge
Jujutsu Kaisen, Vol.2 by Gege Akutami
Ima Koi, Vol.4 by Ayuko Hatta
Rik & Jesper maken er een zooitje van by Rik Kleeven, Jesper Weijs, Tamara Boon
Tokyo Dreamer by Emiko Jean
Queenie by Elizabeth Colomba
Dominee de Heer #1 by Margreet de Heer
Blokkendozen op het spoor by Carel van Gestel
Dagboek van een quarantaine mama by Thaïs Vanderheyden
Watchdogs Legion #1 by Sylvian Runberg
De kunst waarvan ik het meest houd by Frits Gierstberg

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