Review for Exit 13: The Whispering Pines

Review for Exit 13: The Whispering Pines

The Whispering Pines James Preller , Kevin Keele, Children's Book, Horror, Scary, Wolf, Girl, Boy, Hotel/MotelAn exciting and scary book featuring a motel, a wolf with red eyes, and much more! What a ride!

I came across this one on Twitter a while ago and was so excited about it. I just love MG horror and can always use new ones to read~ I am so happy I was able to read it because now I need more of this series~

The two MCs, Willow and Ash were just wonderful. I love their sibling dynamic. Despite Willow at times teasing her brother, they were a great pair and I loved how, as the story continued, Willow started believing her brother more and more and also became even more protective of him. And Ash and what he could see/hear was fabulous, I am quite curious about finding out more about his powers and if he will learn to use them. I loved how these two tried to figure out the secret of the Motel along with what the wolf was in the woods behind it… oh and the zombie bunnies! Yes, zombie bunnies… and other matter of dead stuff. Lovely right? And the woods aren’t the only thing creeping me out, I mean, hello? A sign in the midst of the woods just when you need a motel that allows pets? Red flag all around. And then there are the ominous things that the boy at the desk says, people who pass by who also say they saw the sign all of the sudden, and well, get ready to be spooked out!

I love love loved that there were parts that were comics! That just made me smile as I hadn’t expected it. It was perfect and made the book even spookier and more terrifying. I love the style!

Oh, and I cannot forget Justice, the girl Ash and Willow meet at the motel, yep, another family who saw the sign and is now not able to leave for long. I really liked Justice and love how strong she was. I mean, she had the great plan to use the crutch when things got a bit scarier~

And some extra bonus points to the adorable Daisy!

And the ending was just perfection! I had hopes for two different endings and I am glad that I got one of them! Of course, it brings along many questions and also some worries.

The only thing that didn’t always work for me was that we switched from Ash (the little brother) to Willow (the older sister) without much warning. They are not that similar so that helped, but it was still a bit jarring. I think switching per chapter just would have worked better.

All in all, I do hope we get more Exit 13 books or other books written by James Preller featuring horror, because I need it! This was just so good and flew right through it.

Star rating, 5 stars

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