Review for Flip the Script

Review for Flip the Script

Flip the Script by Lyla Lee , Pink, Girl, Young Adult, LGBT, K-drama, Movie, Asian, ROmanceK-drama, plenty of shipping, a fantastic bi-character, and much more in this wonderful Young Adult novel!

A big big thank you for my hubby for gifting me this for my birthday in February! It took a bit, but in April I finally read this book and wondered why I didn’t do it sooner, because I really loved this one!

😍 LOVED that our MC is bi! That just made me smile so much. And not just that, but also a well written bi girl! Sign me up for more of that~
😍 And I really liked our MC. She was sweet, fun, kind, and I loved how she dared to speak up when things didn’t go so well.
😍 Minjee and our MC. I just was shipping these two so hard. For reals. I don’t think it is a spoiler, it is quite clear early on for me. There are hints everywhere. I was just rooting for these two to figure things out and was wondering who would make the first step. There was a bit of a disaster and I wasn’t very happy with Minjee. I don’t blame her entirely given the rest of the novel and how we see people react to LGBT people, but seriously, just talk. I mean, poor Hana is all confused. I got it when Hana said that, I was just like, oh no honey, don’t use that F word. Don’t. I just loved how these two had a chemistry and was delighted when things went a step further.
😍 Hana’s parents were just the best! I love how they listened to her, supported her, made sure she made the right choices and helped her with that, were angry for her when things went miserable. I laughed when Hana came out and their reaction was just perfect.
😍 Seeing the culture of Korea. From food (not always edible with my allergies, but they still sounded yum) to hanbok to how to talk to parents and colleagues and such. It was very interesting, I would love to visit Korea one day, well OK, South-Korea. Not North.
😍 I also loved reading about culture differences. Hana is Korean-American and has lived for quite a long time in America before moving to Korea for her acting career.
😍 Reading about the K-drama. Not just see them act, but also see the reactions of the cast on the scenes. It was so fun. The storyline sounds a bit over the top but I would definitely be into watching it! Especially with things that happened at the end! Though the behind scenes (with the manager/big guy) at times pissed me off. He was just so horrible towards his stars and towards the peeps that worked hard on the show.
😍 And reading a bit about the industry, especially that one of K-pop stars. How the Brybabies (aka Bryan’s fanclub) have some sweet and kind fans but also some crazy fans and I just wanted to hug Hana as she got quite a bit of horribleness when the fake dating started.
😍 Bryan was a bit EH in the beginning, but later on I started to like him more and more. He still has some prince parts that were annoying, but below that he is a sweet guy and I loved how he supported Hana and became someone she could talk with about things.
😍 Sophia definitely deserves some love as well. She is Hana’s manager and I just adore how supportive she was, how she tried to help Hana the best she could. She is really a rock for Hana and shows she is a very capable manager.
😍 Fake dating is always fun in my eyes, and while this one was a bit forced, I did like that Bryan tried to make the most of it. Though he should really lay off from the social media. I get that you want to create a bit of a hype, but think of the consequences of that as well. I so want to visit Lotte land!
😍 I loved how Minjee, Bryan, and our MC worked together to put out statements regarding everything that happens when Minjee and Hana are found out. I loved how hard this trio worked and not just that, I was so happy that they had the support from everyone to do it. I was just so proud of them and I can imagine how scary it was.
😍 The ending and all that happened there was just so fab! I loved the direction it went and I was just so happy with it all. It is a perfect ending. Plus, I love seeing Bryan happy as well, I do hope that we get another book from his POV, I would so love that!

All in all, this was so so much fun! I flew through it and enjoyed it so much~ I need more! I would highly recommend this one.

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