Review for Friends of Spirou

Review for Friends of Spirou

Friends of Spirou JD Morvan , BenBK (Illustrator) , David Evrard, WWII, Historical Fiction, Graphic Novel, Friendship, War, ResistanceI received this book from the publisher/Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I love comics, I love strong-willed characters, and I am interested in WWII. So I wanted to give this book a shot and while I did like it.. is this a first volume? Given that there was no mention anywhere I thought this would be a standalone, and it definitely isn’t.

I wasn’t such a fan of how the timelines went (I was so confused how the girl seemed to age and the boys didn’t) and how we also had two older dudes taking place in the time after who got a POV as well. It just made it a bit too confusing for me, plus I would say spoiled what happened.

Also why would our red-hair girl go back to her old home? Why isn’t she being hidden more? If she is Jewish I wouldn’t just hope for the best and let her do things like float on a zeppelin.

I did love how the boys helped her out and how they formed a strong group and formed a resistance against the nazis. Though, I had expected more sneaky stuff and less OH HEY here is a zeppelin and now we are distributing stuff that the nazis won’t like. Everyone can see us. Teehee.

And then there is the ending… I knew that x was going to happen (thanks old guys) but I was still shocked! Not that person!

The art was great, but the text bubbles weren’t always too easy to read.

Not sure if I will continue it if there is going to be more. Again, it had good moments, but there were just a few things that didn’t click with me.

Star rating, 2.5 stars

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