Review for Glitter Everywhere!

Review for Glitter Everywhere!

Glitter Everywhere!  Chris Barton ,  Chaaya Prabhat, Climate Change, Children's Book, Non-Fiction, Crafts, Glitter, Hands, SparklyI received this book from Netgalley/publisher in exchange of an honest review.

Who doesn’t love glitter? Well, OK, I am sure there are parents who don’t like it, haha. But I am not a parent, I am an adult who loves glitter, always did. It shines, it sparkles. And so when I saw this book up on Netgalley I just had to request it. Tell me all about Glitter and how it works!

In this gorgeous illustrated book we find out all about glitter. Why people love it which includes a lot of shiny science along with history facts. Like did you know that while glitter is quite new, people back then used shiny beetles and mica to get some sparkle and glitter on things? Yep. We modern humans aren’t the only ones in awe of fancy shiny glittery things, even back then they loved it and made sure to add it to things to just give them that bit extra! It was fun to learn how the word glitter came to and what happened to make it so. I had such a laugh at seeing who invented glitter and especially that illustration next to it. HAHA, while I love glitter that would definitely also be me if my husband was a glitter maker/inventor. I don’t mind glitter, I love it, but I also love a clean home.

I loved reading how glitter was made from aluminium to plastic sheets with vaporized metal. I loved that people are trying to make glitter even more glittery. And more tiny. Yep. If you thought sand was bad and got everywhere, wait until it is a glitter bath. Then again, I would much prefer glitter. A party in my pants. Um. Teehee.🤣🙈

There was just so much in this book and while at times it was a bit chaotic and all over the place (I guess just like glitter) it was a lot of fun and I learned many new things about glitter! Now I am really in the mood to buy a bag of glitter. Well, maybe by the time this review is up I will have done so. Heheehehe.

Just a shame it had to end on a fucking depressing note. YES, I KNOW CLIMATE CHANGE. I KNOW THINGS ARE BAD. LORD. I do my best all I can. But can I please just have a day or so for my mental health without climate change? I already see it everywhere, in the news, on Twitter, in newspapers, on sites, everywhere. Let me just have a fun moment with books, PLEASE.

So all in all, this was a fun chaotic book, just a shame about the doom at the end.

Star rating, 3 stars

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