Review for Luke’s Apocalypse: Zero Day

Review for Luke’s Apocalypse: Zero Day

Luke's Apocalypse: Zero Day A.P. Shepherd, Zombies, Horror, Dog, Post Apocalypse, Dual POVAn exciting book about zombies, survival, and a cute dog!

I came across this one on Twitter and was instantly interested! I am slowly getting back to zombie books and I could use a new one!

In this one we follow two guys who have known each other since early years, Luke and Jonah. Along the way we also get some other peeps who didn’t make it, like Gus who is now a hulking and towering dead zombie. Luke is at his home when he gets overrun by zombies, first his next door neighbour in all her dead horrificness and then followed by others who are hungry. Luke is accompanied by the adorable Archie, a cute German shepherd. Thankfully for Luke his grandpa was a prepper and has made sure there is a safe spot. With a bit overkill on items though. It was quite exciting as he hasn’t been in the cellar for ages and had to go through some things to get in, which terrified me. I was so worried he wouldn’t make it. I mean, the book is called Luke’s Apocalypse, so he probably will make it, but still I worried. And we also follow Jonah, his childhood friend who was at his work when he gets overrun and has to run for his life. Thankfully he was in the army so he knows what to do. I really loved following these two though Jonah’s was definitely more exciting to follow as he was outside and shit is hitting the fan. Plus, he has someone with him, so the stakes are even higher with that.

The zombies are horrifying and scary and I definitely wonder how the rest of the world is doing, given the spare details we get I think everything is just fucked. Can you imagine that just one plane fucks up the world?

Archie was adorable though and I loved how he tried to help out his owner many times!

There were some dumb moments, like leaving your phone, I would definitely have taken mine along given how advanced things is and you never know when you can charge it. Or how our MC just went shooting willy-nilly ending up with him getting in trouble. I mean, seriously, I get that shit is scary, but if you own a gun you should know in all situations how to use it and keep calm. Otherwise you should NOT own one if you just panic and shoot willy-nilly. One thing I can forgive is that he didn’t check out the basement further, though if I were him… I would have done that. My curiosity would have been just too high to not check it all out. Haha.

But I seriously hope the ending is just a fake, because seriously, I would be so unhappy and frustrated if it is true. I know that I should not feel much attachments to characters in zombie apocalypse books, but I just cannot help but get attached and root for them.

All in all, I flew through this book, what a ride it was! I do hope that we get many more books in this series because I don’t have enough.

Star rating, 4 stars

4 thoughts on “Review for Luke’s Apocalypse: Zero Day

    1. It is a very cozy Post Apocalyptic Thriller, and book 2 is almost complete 🙂
      Would you like a free copy of the Audiobook? I would love to share it with you, if that is okay?

      Sincerely, A.P. Shepherd

  1. Dear Mehsi, Hi Hi 🙂

    I’m A.P. Shepherd, the Author of Luke’s Apocalypse, and I just discovered your review, quite accidentally. I am beaming today, and I am definitely all smiles. Thank you so much for your review. I am over the moon. I am a new Indie Author, and Luke’s Apocalypse is my Debut Novel. I’m currently working on Book 2 of the series and hope to have it completed by end of Summer. I would love love love to send you a signed copy of Luke’s Apocalypse – Zero Day – for your collection, as well as the 2nd book of the Series too, once I’ve completed it and have the Author’s copies in hand. Would that be okay? You are so kind to read, and review my book, and I would love very much to create a TikTok over your review – if that’s okay? I won’t do so without your permission, though. You can see some of my content I’ve been trying to decide on what new content to post there – and this would be perfect. Anyway – Thank you so much again – for your wonderful review. And as an Indie Author, it just means the world to me. You can reach me at and I’d absolutely love to hear from you.

    Peace Always ~ A.P. Shepherd

    1. Hi A.P. Shepherd! You’re very welcome, so happy that my review brought you so much happiness! I already answered your mail, that yes, yes I would love to get a copy + review the second book. And I would be totally OK with you making a TikTok of my review, that would be lovely~ You’re very welcome again, thank you for writing such a fab zombie story that I just couldn’t stop reading, very excited about the newest book, I need to read how things continue!

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