Review for My First Book of House Pets

Review for My First Book of House Pets

My First Book of House Pets  duopress labs ,  Åsa Gilland, Pets, Animals, Cute, Non-Fiction, Picture Book, Children's BookI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just couldn’t resist this adorable book! That cover! And I loved that it was a First Book, I just love those.

HOWEVER, right from the first two pages.. I was not happy. 1) Goldfish DON’T belong in tiny fishbowls with just one plant. They need a big place to grow and be happy. 2) Hamsters need WAY more space than that, more spaces to hide, a toilet is also needed, multiple levels, and that FUCKING (I am so sorry but I get real angry about it) death trap of a wheel? BURN IT. That thing can destroy a hamster. Their little legs/hands can get stuck in it and I have heard tales about hamsters getting strangled/broken necks because they stick out their heads through the sides while the wheel is still turning.

That was not a good start and I was definitely not happy. I was definitely thinking what else is wrong here? Thankfully, the rest of the books seems to be better, however I am not sure if all those fish will cooperate together + again the hamster needs WAY more space (like at least triple that cage). Also again, no to the fucking wheel. Less room for breaking necks, but still plenty of legs/hands and parts getting stuck. Plus, they also need A LOT more ground stuff because hamsters LOVE LOVE to dig. At the moment one of mine is actually often found under the ground due to the cold (yes, we have the heating on for most of the day, but it is still a bit chilly).

But the rest of the book is pretty decent. And actually made me smile. I loved that it also showcased reptiles like turtle or geckos. And also showed some other birds than books often do. So that is a plus. It was really sweet and I loved the illustrations for the animals. I also love that it ends with going to the vet (very important) and that pets are part of your family and deserve all the love (yes, yes).

As to answer the final question, my favourite would be dwarf/golden hamsters. Followed by mice. Followed by dogs.

All in all, despite some issues I still had fun reading it and I love the choice of animals. Loved seeing the kids be kind to their pets. The illustrations were pretty and I love the colours. I would recommend it, but also make sure that you know that some things are not entirely right and make sure to discuss that with the kids.

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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