Review for Night’s Edge

Review for Night’s Edge

Night's Edge Liz Kerin, Vampires, Now and Then, Horror, Toxic, Family, Relationships, Adult,I received this book from Tor Nightfire in exchange of an honest review.

Rating is based on the 2010 parts. Normally I don’t rate books I haven’t read fully, but those 2010 parts deserve it and need to be noticed.

I was so excited when I got a mail from the publisher asking if I wanted to review their book, a big publisher asking me! It sounded awesome, vampires and toxic family relationships. I knew it wouldn’t be easy given my own relationship with my mom (I have broken with my parents after a whole lot of things happened). But I wanted to give a shot.

And I have decided to just read the 2010 parts in the end. It was that or a DNF at 15-20%. Because the 2010 parts really drew me in, see how everything went darker and darker, how Mia lost her mom to the disease and how she started with the feeding stuff, see them struggle with life and more. I needed to know how things would progress for them. The now parts? I just couldn’t care about any characters, it just didn’t draw me in, it just felt a struggle to read it. It was boring. It annoyed me. Whereas I read the 2010 parts in my normal speed, it took me way longer to get through just a chapter of now.

So, I am glad that I decided to keep reading the 2010 parts and I would definitely give those 4-4.5 stars. Holy crap, the things that happened in there. Reading about the virus/the vampire stuff and how that works along with how things got more and more out of hand and how more and more people got infected. How the world changed. About how a 10/11-year old has to be more adult than she ever wants to be at that age and how she has to grow up so fast. How she just wants love and safety and doesn’t get that with a mom who needs to feed on blood (and LORD those parts were horrible to read shivers). How she has to handle so many things that no 10/11-year old should have to do. Not to mention avoid Devon, the (ex)boyfriend of mom, the one who turned her. It was a freaking good read and definitely not the easiest. The 2010 parts? Recommended!

I also did read the Today part, which was confusing because of course I didn’t read the Now parts, but I just needed to know if Mia was fine in the end. If she was able to get away or find her own space/life. If she was strong enough to say FUCK no to her mom. Because this relationship is just nah-ah girl. I won’t spoil anything, but I am happy I read that last chapter.

All in all, I am very happy that I got this chance to read this book. Yes, the Now didn’t work, but DANG those 2010 parts.

Star rating, 4 starsStar rating, 4.5 stars

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