Review for One Star Wonders

Review for One Star Wonders

One Star Wonders: The Worst Reviews of the World's Greatest Places Mike Lowery, Humour, Non-Fiction, Reviews,. Travelling, FunI received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review!

I just couldn’t resist this one when I saw it up on Netgalley. One I really love Mike Lowery’s art + two that title + blurb. It was just so good and I needed it. Thankfully, I got it quickly and instantly read it afterwards. I just HAD to. I couldn’t wait!

In this one we get big page-sized illustrations from various fun locations (like Taj Mahal or Alhambra) and along with that HILARIOUS one star reviews. All of which made me laugh. I mean, one person gave a 1 rating because Victoria Falls had too much water. Yes, really. Or how someone was angry because her dad was yelled at for touching a tortoise in Galápagos Islands. I loved that Mike Lowery has a whole collection of these and didn’t just go for the standard ones, but really selected some that were just dead hilarious. Like how someone apparently visited Angkor Wat and was angry that the floors were uneven and a tripping hazard. UM, boo. I also read several of them to my hubby who laughed a lot as well. We both just had so much fun with this one.

As for Amsterdam. YES, nothing special indeed. And not listed in the review, but I can tell you it is way too crowded and has become way too touristy. I stopped visiting and going for a fun shopping time years ago because all the fun stores disappeared and you barely had any breathing space.

And as I said, I also picked this one up because I really like Mike Lowery’s art. And it was fun again. I love the big illustrations, but also loved the faces on people (or sad statues). I also liked that some pages had travel stamps!

I do hope that Mike Lowery makes more of these books, I mean, according to the delightful introduction he has a whole collection. Now I kinda want to scour the internet as well to search for hilarious reviews!

I would HIGHLY recommend this one and when it comes out in a week I will definitely be buying it! I need this one!


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