Review for Three Panel Horror

Review for Three Panel Horror

Three Panel Horror, Scary, Horror, Comics, Short but Scary, Black, BloodA scary and delightfully awesome book that will terrify you!

So I was part of both the Kickstarters. The first one didn’t work out, but thankfully the next one did! I was so happy, and my hubby as well, because he also wanted this comic book!

In this book we get three panel horror stories, and believe me, they are awesome. They can convey just as much story and scary moments as a bigger story would. If anything, this one may be even more effective. XD I love how some are like this: starts OK, gets weird/something happens, BOOM scary. But there are also some three panel stories that surprise you. That have a pretty calm first and second panel and then something scary jumps out in the last one! I loved those the most, it just gives the best scare because you are totally on the edge of your chair, you know something is coming, but when is it coming. And then BOOM!

I also love how the stories range in how ewww/gore they are. We got some tamer ones, like one with the scary arm popping up from under the bed. But we also got a story about a little girl sleeping next to the fireplace for Santa… and then gets dragged guts and all into the chimney. Someone got isekaied.

Three Panel Horror, Comics, Horror, Scary

We also got some guest comics, including one by the fab Abby Howard.

All in all, this one was a frightfully fun read. I definitely hope that Matt Garbutt and Anton Kromoff will be making another book with new Three Panel Horrors, because I just don’t have enough! I would highly recommend this one, if you are able to find it, be sure to get it!

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