Review for Vampire Dormitory, Vol.1

Review for Vampire Dormitory, Vol.1

Vampire Dormitory, Vol. 1  Ema Tōyama,Romance, Vampires, Boy, Girl, Boarding School, Hot, MangaWhat happens when a girl, dressed as a boy, becomes the thrall of a vampire? Will her life get better? Or not?

Meet Mito, a girl who is dressed as a boy/acts like a boy. For safety and all that. One day things just go from worse to worse and she meets Ruka. A vampire. He is interested in her. Especially due to her bad tasting blood and a friend saying that maybe Mito is unloved (it is not untrue) and that giving love would help out. Well, Ruka is up to the challenge. Oh if only he knew that he was still fanging a girl, because he thinks Mito is a boy. Even takes her to his dorm and let’s her stay there. YUP. I really like Mito from the start, I feel for her. I want to give her a better and happier life, after all that happened she 100% deserves it! But I wasn’t a fan of how she hid the fact she was a girl from Ruka. Ruka who is just so gosh-darn honest and sweet and just wants the best for his thrall. I just hope that this whole situation gets resolved soon. Because they are getting closer and closer and it is clear they really like each other. I don’t want this to explode and create drama or hurt.

I really was amazed that our vampire (and well everyone around Mito) still has no clue about Mito being a girl. I guess it helps that she looks pretty boyish (though I immediately spotted she was a girl) and that her blood is disgusting (I know that only goes for Mito, haha, unless there are some other vampires lurking around in that school).

Then there is boy in the picture, he is a bad boy who knows about Mito (thanks to karate/judo practice and a slip of the hand). I am not sure what to think of him. And you all know how I feel about love triangles. Generally I hate them. A lot. I think it is kind of cute he is so protective of Mito… but also kind of creepy. Especially since Mito clearly has stated numerous times that she is OK. That she doesn’t need help. I hope that he becomes less protective and maybe becomes more than a white knight/the extra pawn in the love triangle.

But why would you wear a wig (which may fall off, though for some magic manga reasons it doesn’t) when you can just cut it off? I would have done that. I can imagine that for her maybe it is a way to be herself, but it is just so much effort. XD

Oh, and the scenes were Ruka is drinking from Mito? swoon It was just so sexy. Haha, I hope that this doesn’t sound wrong. XD

I loved the art, but then again it is Ema Touyama and I adore her style.

Well, I am so happy I got this from the Google Play store! If I can get the other volumes I will definitely be reading on, because I need to know how the story will continue.

Star rating, 4 stars

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