Review for Warren the 13th and the Whispering Woods

Review for Warren the 13th and the Whispering Woods

Warren the 13th and the Whispering Woods, Tania del Rio,Will Staehle, Green, Adventure, Magic, Fantasy, Children's BookThe second book in the series and I was FINALLY able to read it! dances Witches, strange woods, sap-squatches, and more!

For some reason book 1 and 3 are easily found, but book 2? Nope. It took me until February 2023 before I could get the book from another Amazon/a seller on Amazon. Almost 2 years after I read the first book!

Thankfully, despite it being almost 2 years I could just step in the book! And this book was packed! A lot is happening. We see that the hotel is still wandering around, Warren is getting more and more in his role (though I would really recommend that he gets some help, it is very noble he tries it all himself… but some reparations are best left to peeps who know what to do). All seems quiet. But then things happen thanks to one article in the newspaper. Yep. Just one article. Remember the witches from the next time? And remember that Beatrice, a renowned witch huntress, is at the hotel and protecting it? Well, the queen witch is really interested in that one. You can think of many reasons why. And so the book gets really exiting especially when we at a mimic, witch battles, a spooky forest that whispers in the night, a sap-squatch, and so much more. There was just not a moment to rest and I just flew right through the story.

I loved that we didn’t just get to see Warren’s POV, but also got others. Those who read the article (the witches and others), the mimic, Petula. It was great fun to see things also from other people’s eyes and see what they were planning on doing.

And I loved that Warren, despite all that happens in the book, is brave and courageous and dedicated to helping out his friends and save the hotel. I just love seeing him plan and go for it. How he gave everyone a chance and how at times his hospitality mode arrived at some unexpected moments. For a young boy he is quite wise. I was just rooting for Warren and hope that he was able to keep up the positivity and that he stays safe.

Petula also has a good role in this one and I loved it. She is still learning about witch hunting and well, there are some big things happening for her that made me happy and cheer.

The witches are terrifying, that queen you don’t want to mess with her. I still think it is funny that you can capture a witch in a bottle. Though I also think of the consequences should those bottles break. I hope that Beatrice has all the right safety stuff around it.

What more. Oh, of course, the illustrations! They were once again wonderful and I love that the theme corresponds with the cover, in other words, green inside as well!

The ending made me gasp, smile, laugh, giggle. It was a great ending and I definitely will have to get the third book ASAP! Well, by the time this review is up in June (writing this April 26th) I will probably have gotten it! crosses fingers I would highly recommend this book and the first one to all! Magic, mayhem, and a hotel that you would love to visit (well, I would).

Star rating, 5 stars

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