Six for Sunday ~ 25-6-2023: LGBTQIA+ stories on your TBR/TBB 2023 Edition

Six for Sunday ~ 25-6-2023: LGBTQIA+ stories on your TBR/TBB 2023 Edition


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A happy rainbow and warm welcome to a new Six for Sunday! It’s been a while, but I finally felt OK-ish enough to participate in a new one!

I have been meaning to participate but BOY the last few Sunday’s my body was just pooped/empty. But today I was determined, plus while still tired I felt like I could do one! I checked Chonky Book Reviews to see what the theme was and it was LGBTQIA+ stories on your TBR/TBB! Well, that one is fun! I did that one in 2021 (even the same time as now) and I was excited to make a new list! I knew that I probably would have to make some choices, haha. And I did. It was a struggle to make 10-12 books into a Six for Sunday. I just have so many great books that are on my lists. In the end I decided to highlight books that I still have to buy! 5 I would love to get for my Kindle (1 was also featured in the 2021 edition (The Enforcer Enigma which is just NOT going down in price (still 17 euro for a paperback) so now I am just thinking of buying the Kindle edition) and 1 I would love for my physical collection (You’re Not Supposed to Die Tonight). I hope to get these books very soon crosses fingers.

The Six for Sunday is normally made by Steph from Alittlebutalot. Each week features a new theme in which bloggers have to find 6 books/characters/other things. But since she hasn’t been adding new prompts these prompts are from Chonky Books (check her blog out here) who decided to make her own! So happy that SfS is still going strong~

You're Not Supposed to Die Tonight Kalynn Bayron, Romance, LGBT, Girl, Curly Hair, Moon, Camp, Summer, Summer Camp, LGBT, Young Adult, Horror, Mystery, Mirror Lake
The Enforcer Enigma G.L. Carriger , LGBT, Romance, Wizards, Shifters, Fantasy, Paranormal, Half-naked man standing in a wolf shaped logo
Confetti Hearts Lily Morton, Romance, Man in suit in between confetti, lgbt,
Cursed Cocktails S.L. Rowland, LGBT, Two men one drinking the other serving and it looks very cozy, fantasy, romance, drinks
Tomes & Tea Cozy Fantasies #1 Can't Spell Treason Without Tea Rebecca Thorne, Magic, Fantasy, LGBT, Romance, Bookstore, Fireplace, Fluffy, Cosy
To the Moon and Back N.R. Walker, Man and a baby on the bed sleeping, lgbt, mm, romance, single parenting, Dual POV

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