Teaser Tuesday ~ Tokyo Dreaming by Emiko Jean

Teaser Tuesday ~ Tokyo Dreaming by Emiko Jean

Tokyo Ever After #2 Tokyo Dreaming Emiko Jean, Japan, Tokyo, Princess, Royalty, Young Adult, Romance, Asia, Family, Blue cover with a girl blowing a bubble and wearing a crown
This one is from Page 130! I tried a random number generator but it wasn’t that much random, haha, just kept picking the same numbers. So I flipped through my copy.
I stand on a velvet pedestal as a seamstress in all black slips a heavy, cool kimono over my shoulders and undergarments. Mom is beside – another seamstress drapes her in a kimono as well.
We both inhale, seeing ourselves in the three-paneled mirror. I run my hands down the fabric and trace the intricate pattern. The maple leaves are hand-painted, outlined in gold and silver on a peach background. Mom’s kimono is light orange and ombre the color of the sunset, with cranes alighting from the hem. The gowns are yuuzen kimonos, part of a dying art in Japan. Master makers struggle to pass the traditions on – there are no students to teach. All of the sudden, I remember Eriku showing me the slides of Nagoro village. The stuffed puppets frozen in time, populating a deserted landscape.

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