Top 5 Tuesday: 13-6-2023:rainbows on the cover

Top 5 Tuesday: 13-6-2023:rainbows on the cover

Evening all!!

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Welcome to a new Top 5 Tuesday!! Today I got rainbows~ So many rainbows~

It is Pride Month and so this week’s prompt is rainbows on the cover! I had fun checking out lists and articles online and see if I could find books I read that had covers with rainbows on them. It wasn’t always easy and I am sure that maybe I have some more recent books, but with 30+C heat I was just not in the mood to also go through my recent reads. XD Four of these are LGBT (one is on my library TBR, Grandpa’s Pride), the fifth book (Rainbow Grey) I am not sure, GR lists it as it is, but I just cannot remember the exact details. So it may also just be 5 books.
Oh, and I found a list on GR with picture books with rainbows and now I want to read them all. Haha. Checking out lists isn’t good for my want to read.

Let me know what your rainbow covers are and what you think of mine! I hope everyone has a great week along with a great Pride Month!


Top 5 Tuesday was created by Shanah at Bionic Book Worm, and it is my absolute privilege and pleasure to say that it is now being hosted here, at Meeghan reads!! Each week there is a new theme and you need to find 5 books that fit the theme in one way or another! From TBRs to finding items on covers to books with themes, there are all sorts of fun prompts~

Rainbow Grey, Rainbow, Weather, Fantasy, Children's Books, Clouds, Friendship, Adventure, Laura Ellen Anderson
Birthday, Meredith Russo, Young Adult, Candle, Rainbow
Grandad's Pride Harry Woodgate, LGBT, Picture Book, Grandparents, Flag, People
The Out Side: Trans & Nonbinary Comics by The Kao, Min Christensen, David Daneman, Apakilyspe, Ashi, Jam Aden, Kyla Aiko (Goodreads Author), Lae SchΓ€fer, Liam Coballes, Maddie Tacobus, Man Time, Nifty Fox, Sage Coffey, Tara Madison Avery, Toonie, Veronica Triumphant, Wey, Zhen, Julia Kaye, LGBT, Trans, Non-Binary, Comics
Camp, Green, Badge, LGBT, Contemporary, Young Adult, Musical, Romance, Rainbow, Summer

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