Waiting on Wednesday ~ Spider-Man: Animals Assemble! by Mike Maihack

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Spider-Man: Animals Assemble! by Mike Maihack

Evening all!

Welcome to a new Waiting on Wednesday! is a melted puddle of Mehsi So hot here!

This week a bit more effort as Goodreads is currently constantly dead. I get various codes from that the page doesn’t exist to unexpected errors. Thankfully, I have Amazon so I can check that one for books as I got a fair bit that I check on the regular. And I knew I had to have a book there that I hadn’t featured already! And indeed! A book I found on the author/artist’s Twitter a day ago. I really love Mike Maihack’s work (Cleopatra in Space 1-3 was fab, need to get the rest) so I was excited to see a children’s book featuring one of my fav superheroes, Spiderman. Now I am kinda hoping it doesn’t delve too much into Spiderverse or Avenger or whatever else Marvel as I just cannot keep track of that, haha, one of the reasons why I am just not THAT into Marvel. But I just cannot resist, this book sounds oodles of fun, features cute animals/pets, and I am so curious what each Avenger has as a pet and if Spiderman is able to keep them all safe and sound.

The book only released a day ago + I kinda already went through my monthly books I can buy. Haha, but we will see if I can wait until my money comes in again.

Spider-Man: Animals Assemble! (A Mighty Marvel Team-Up), Spiderman holding a fishbowl and surrounded by pets and animals, children's books, animals, funny, superheroes, marvel, Spider-Man is the friendly neighborhood pet sitter in this all new graphic novel for early readers!
When the Avengers are assembled to contain a super threat in New York City, Spider-Man is given the most important job of all: to make sure all the Avengers’ super pets are safe! Spider-Man wants in on the bad guy fighting action, but with great power comes great pet sitting. Featuring fan favorite Avengers like Captain America, Captain Marvel, and Black Panther, this fun and funny original graphic novel sees the mighty web-slinger teaming up with the most unlikely of heroes to save the day!

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