Book Tour ~ Firsthand Research by Anna Denisch ~ Giveaway | Guest Post

Book Tour ~ Firsthand Research by Anna Denisch ~ Giveaway | Guest Post

Morning all!

Firsthand Research, Pink, Faces You can halfway plus someone is holding files in their hands, Erotica, Romance, Romance

Welcome all to the Blog Tour for Firsthand Research by Anna Denisch! I am so happy I can be part of this tour and help promote this book! It sounds really fun!

For today’s post I got a guest post + giveaway + book/author information.

Let’s gooooo!

Firsthand Research, Pink, Faces You can see halfway plus someone is holding files in their hands, Erotica, Romance, RomanceA sweet and sensual friends-to-lovers erotic romance about finding self-love, overcoming childhood traumas, and learning to go after the future you want in this world.

They say you should write what you know, but popular romance novelist Alice has never had a problem writing about love when she herself has always been single. Yet her newest writing venture, an erotic romance, is proving to be more challenging than she expected.

Enter Tony, the ‘playboy’ grandson of her publisher. After being kicked out ‘for his own good’, Tony’s looking for a place to stay and a job where he can prove himself. And what better use of his skills is there than helping Alice as her erotica research assistance?

In an exchange that works in both of their favors, Tony agrees to work as Alice’s writing assistant and Alice agrees not to tell his grandmother what he’s up to. But once Tony gets a real job at a rival publishing firm, his grandmother’s response threatens their newfound peace. If they want to preserve their futures, Tony and Alice have to come to terms with their feelings, both for each other and themselves.

A true learning to love yourself story where friends-turned-lovers-turned-romantic partners find their own peace in a world that’s designed to tear them down.

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About the author:

Anna Denisch, Author, Photograph, Brown HairAnna Denisch was born and raised just outside of Baltimore City, but she has never called it home. When not traveling around the world or daydreaming about dragons, she spends her time looking at books she wants to read without actually touching them. She received her M.F.A in Creative and Professional Writing from Western Connecticut State University and considers daily if she is just insane enough to take her family’s sometime suggestion of getting a PhD.

Find her here:       

Guest Post

How did you come up with the title of the book?
Okay, fun story time! The original title of this book was 10,000 Hours. It was called this because of a love song by the same title that I listened to on the radio while writing the first draft, and I just went ‘hey, that song fits these characters pretty well!’ The problem, however, (as was pointed out by one of my early readers) is that the title made perfect sense in my head, but I never actually went and connected it in the book itself. And I couldn’t find a way to do it naturally. The song talks about how it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill/know something etc. and how that’s how long the guy is gonna spend getting to know the girl and all that. Which relates to the two main characters getting to know one another on the deeper levels.
But since that wasn’t really landing without the explanation, I asked my friends for some ideas on alternate titles. That’s why I really must give full credit of the final title to my friend Faye. I might keep 10,000 Hours around as a series title if I decide to actually write the next idea I had for them.

Who designed your book covers?
The lovely and amazing Arka! You can find them over at
They are an amazing and wonderful artist who does both cover art and interior layouts! They also do commissions for other art like prints and have commercial pricing available built into the packages. If you ever need anything art related, I highly recommend them!

Did you learn anything during the writing of your recent book?
That more people (at least people within my online community) relate to the main characters than I thought. Much like Alice, I worried about sharing some of the parts of me/my characters because I figured it just wouldn’t land with most people. But a lot of early readers either had similar experiences as the MCs or just could understand their struggles/points of view. Which is why books/movies/entertainment of any kind are so meaningful! They show that, no matter what, we’re all human and we are not alone and that there are others out there that can share your feelings and expressions. So, I hope that some readers can also learn that they are not alone in their experiences as I did <3

Do your characters seem to hijack the story or do you feel like you have the reigns of the story?
Funnily enough, I actually had control over this story?? Which is weird because normally my characters just do whatever they want and I have to keep up! I don’t know if it’s just because the characters were more personal, and thus more aligned with what I wanted, or if, for once, I started out writing exactly the story that they all wanted told. The only character who threw me for a loop was Nana Ash (a.k.a The Big Bad). And it wasn’t really until the ending/epilogue that she let me in on her ideas and plans. Much like a character in my book, she played me like a well-tuned fiddle 🤣

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