Friday Favourites: 21-7-2023: Covers With Fruit or Flowers

Friday Favourites: 21-7-2023: Covers With Fruit or Flowers

Evening all~

A happy welcome to a new Friday Favourites!~ It’s been 3 months, but I am back with this one. It just had a too fun prompt, namely Fruits or Flowers! I just love both of these on covers so I was HYPED!

I had fun going through lists and my shelves and finding my favourite books featuring either flowers or fruits! I decided to do 4 of Flowers and 3 of fruits~

And let me know what books you would have picked + what you think of my choices! I hope everyone has a wonderful day + weekend! Enjoy~!


What is Friday Favourites/Favorites? Each week you get a prompt and you can select a number of your own favourite books that fits that prompt. There doesn’t seem to be a limit on the books, I see people doing 4 and some doing 10 or more. As for me I think 7 is a nice number, so for each of the Friday Favourite prompts I will show you 7 of my favourites in that genre!
If you want more information + see the prompts, check out Functionally Fictional’s intro post!



Pride and Premeditation Tirzah Price, Flowers, Green, Retelling, Murder, Mystery, Jane Austen, Young Adult, Fun
Pumpkinheads Rainbow Rowell , Faith Erin Hicks, Graphic Novel, Young Adult, LGBT, Romance, Pumpkins, Fall
It Ends with Us #1 It Ends with Us Colleen Hoover
Cooking, Grandparents, Grandma, With the Fire on High, Red, Fruits, Bandana, Girl, Parenting, Young Adult, Elizabeth Acevedo,
Floriography: An Illustrated Guide to the Victorian Language of Flowers, Flowers, Flower Language, Bouquet, Ribbon, Jessica Roux, Black, Non-fiction, History, Uses, Codes

2 thoughts on “Friday Favourites: 21-7-2023: Covers With Fruit or Flowers

    1. Same here! I just cannot get enough of them. I love how flower covers can be used for fun things but also for darker things!

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