Library Haul ~ 1-7-2023 (Library #2+#3)

Library Haul ~ 1-7-2023 (Library #2+#3)

Afternoon all!

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A happy welcome to a new Library #2 and #3 Haul! It was time to visit these two again and I was hyped!

I am keeping this one short today, I am just way too tired after a long day. sleepy I first visited Library #3, my hubby came with me inside as the weather is a bit all over the place. It goes from cloudy to sunny to rainy and back to cloudy. 🤣 I was so happy to visit the library again, they sometimes have some really interesting additions to their collection that you don’t see in other libraries~ I visited the ground floor and thus the new releases first and found several books. After that the children’s books and manga/comics both were a bit disappointing though they did bring me a new Chainsaw man + Sigmund so I guess it makes up for it! Haha. I didn’t get 12 books, but 11 makes me happy as well.

Next up Library #2. I got 20 (well, at first 19 but apparently while I was there they found another reservation of mine) reservations waiting and I was also curious to see if I could find some more books. And I did! Not a whole lot, but 7 more books~

And given that my head is still not 100% into wordy books this haul is perfect. I got some comics/GN, I got a nice pile of picture books. And the wordy books? I will get to them, who knows maybe my mood will switch over this week.

STATS: 27 at Library #2 and 11 at Library #3! Good haul!

NOTE: Photos 1 and 2 are Library #2 and Photo 3 is Library #3.

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Op een paard by Tiny Fisscher, Roozeboos
Handboek voor kattenbaasjes by ?
Handboek voor hondenbaasjes by ?
Nijntje x Vermeer by Dick Bruna
Ik vertrek naar het platteland by Margriet Feenstra
Wees welkom boven op mijn beste hoed by Daniel Billiet, Jos van Hest, Bette Westera
Vergeet je naam by Marcel Prins, Peter Henk Steenhoven
Het grote bierboek by Frits Dunnink
Vulkanen en aardbevingen by Emily Bone
Haaien by Sophie van der Stap
Jouw konijn, kids by Ilse Pos, Sandra Korhorn
De Romeinen #1 by Tim Artz
Schiet eens op, slak by Bianca Oldenbeuving, Katrien Benaets
Taart voor iedereen by Thé Tjong-Khing
Phil in de wolken by Louis-Philippe Vancraeynest
Framboos by Hongry
Vriendjes by Mark Janssen, Suzanne Diederen
De lange weg van Slak by Tom Marien, Eleni Debo
Henk en de dansende letters by Henk Linskens
Het bureau van maten en gewichten by Anne-Gaëlle Balpe, Vincent Mahé

De bibliotheek van verboden boeken by Brianna Labuskses
Over de streep by Rijk Arends
Scoren in blessuretijd by Corien Oranje
Beestig koud! by Michiel van Thillo, Frank Pollet, Moniek Vermeulen
De ogen en het onmogelijke by Dave Eggers
Siem en Struis by Tosca Menten
Monsterhaai by Paul van Loon

Chainsaw Man #8 by Tatsuki Fujimoto
Kerst op Carnton by Tamera Alexander
Moedertje lief by Ron Dumee
Clara de neushoorn by Gijs van der Ham
Vrij: Wat Nederlanders doen als ze niet werken by Sanneke van Hassel
Haunted by Harry De Paepe
Verkeersverhalen by Leonie Walta
Ik leef nog by Roberto Saviano, Asaf Haruka
Sigmund #32 by Peter de Wit
Van Nature by Marcel van Ooi, Marieke Schatteleijn
Luister, Mooie Márcia by Marcello Quintamilha

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