Release Blitz ~ Dead Among Stars by Kat Bellemore ~ Excerpt | Giveaway

Release Blitz ~ Dead Among Stars by Kat Bellemore ~ Excerpt | Giveaway

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Dead Among Stars A Maddie Swallows Mystery Book 4 by Kat Bellemore, Murder, Mystery, Cozy Mystery, Tourism, Murder, Desert, Cactus, Knife, Airplane

A space welcome to the Release Day Blitz for the newest Maddie Swallows mystery: Dead Among Stars! I am so excited to be part of this blitz and celebrate its release! Whoo~

For today’s post I got a giveaway (be sure to join), an excerpt, and book/author information!

A big big big congrats to the author on their book releasing today! Hooray, I hope you have an amazing (filled with yummy cakes) day~

Check out the Book Tour for books 1 to 3 here.

Dead Among Stars A Maddie Swallows Mystery Book 4 by Kat Bellemore, Murder, Mystery, Cozy Mystery, Tourism, Murder, Desert, Cactus, Knife, AirplaneSpace tourism isn’t dangerous. It’s the passengers.
Psychologist Maddie Swallows had always thought of space tourism as science fiction. That was before the phone call that turned her world upside down and she was hired to work with celebrity passengers as they prepared for their once-in-a-lifetime flight.

It was her dream job. Until six passengers went up into space, and two hours later, only five returned.
If you don’t count the dead body.
Investigating a murder hadn’t been in the job description, but Maddie now needs to use her psychological training to discover who of the remaining five passengers is a murderer.
Before they strike again.
Dead Among Stars is the fourth book of the Maddie Swallows mystery series. If you like confined suspects, humor, and impossible whodunits, you’ll love this cozy mystery.

Grab Dead Among Stars and be swept up in this intriguing mystery today!

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About the author:

Kat Bellemore sitting on a bench wearing glasses, Author, PhotographKat Bellemore is a small-town romance and cozy mystery author. Deciding to have New Mexico as the setting for two of her series was an easy choice, considering its amazing sunsets, blue skies and tasty green chile. That, and she currently lives there with her husband and two cute kids. They hope to one day add a dog to the family, but for now, the native animals of the desert will have to do. Though, Kat wouldn’t mind ridding the world of scorpions and centipedes. They’re just mean.

Find her here:       


Lori appeared in the entryway to the spacecraft. She held out her red-gloved hands, like it was supposed to mean something. Her expression was one of shock. Disbelief. Horror.
Portions of her gloves appeared to be darker than others.
Julie ducked under the barricade and hurried forward, as did Dr. Randall. They both spoke in hushed tones with the medical officer, then all three disappeared inside. When Julie reappeared, she was speaking on her cell phone. She abruptly ended the conversation, then immediately made another phone call, presumably to someone else.
The six astronauts stood to the side of the spacecraft as the band continued playing. They appeared confused about what was happening, as did the spectators. The engineers were concerned that they might have done something wrong and that the flight hadn’t gone as expected. The two pilots had disembarked but seemed unsure if they were meant to leave or stay.
“What’s going on?” Jeffrey whispered. “Which one is missing?”
Noah stood a short distance from the others, looking a bit worse for wear, which was understandable now that I knew how difficult that flight must have been for him. Rachel and Whitney stood in front of the craft, waving and smiling, bouncing to the beat of the band’s music, seemingly unaware that anything unusual was happening. Serena stood at the back of the group, her gaze fixed firmly on the spacecraft, as if waiting for further instructions. The only ones who seemed to be in any kind of true distress were Ace and Emma, who kept throwing frantic looks back at the spacecraft. Emma folded her arms across her chest, like she was protecting herself from something.
“Charlotte,” I said. “She didn’t exit the spacecraft.”
Jeffrey stood on his tiptoes, as if that would give him more of a clue as to what was going on. “Do you think she was injured?”
Could be. The way Julie and Dr. Randall were acting, though, it wasn’t something benign like a sprained ankle. Something serious had occurred.
But if that was the case, why were the other astronauts acting like there was nothing wrong? It was as if they didn’t notice Emma, who kept trying to go back on board. Officer Bridge was standing as sentry and wouldn’t allow her past.
Her features held panic. Confusion. Her mother was no longer with the group, and no one would give her information, instead purposely keeping her away.
Jeffrey lifted his camera, but Julie spotted it from the spacecraft and made a quick, angry gesture for him to lower it.
They didn’t want a record of whatever was happening right now.
The next order came from Officer Bridge. Everyone was to immediately return inside the spaceport, astronauts included, and we were to stay put for the time being. The cafeteria and recreational areas would remain open to all, but no one was to leave the building. For any reason.
As we filed in, I noticed the spaceport’s firefighters and emergency response team rounding the corner of the building in their trucks, speeding faster than I thought safe with so many people still in the area. Officer Bridge collected cell phones from the medical officer and the six astronauts as they moved toward the spaceport, despite their many protests.
Something was seriously wrong here.
And all we were allowed to do was wait.

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