Release Blitz ~ The Stablemaster’s Heart by Sarah Honey ~ Excerpt | Teasers | Giveaway

Release Blitz ~ The Stablemaster’s Heart by Sarah Honey ~ Excerpt | Teasers | Giveaway

Morning all!

The Stablemaster's Heart by Sarah Honey, Tales of Lilleforth, purple, yellow, Prince, Dual POV, LGBT, Romance, horses

A very royal welcome to the Release Blitz for second book in teh Tales of Lilleforth series: The Stablemaster’s Heart by Sarah Honey! It sounds absolutely swoony and I just love love the sound of it! Though haha, the name of one of the MCs is mother and that really throws me off. XD

For today’s post I got a ton of things! You can read an excerpt, enjoy some teasers, join a giveaway, and learn all about the book and the author!

The book released on July 22nd so it is out NOW! A big congrats to the author on the book releasing~ Hip hip hooray!

The Stablemaster's Heart by Sarah Honey, Tales of Lilleforth, purple, yellow, Prince, Dual POV, LGBT, Romance, horsesKing Leopold of Lilleforth rules his kingdom well. He’s handsome, intelligent, and charming. It’s no wonder the neighbouring kingdoms are eager to provide him with a princess to marry. There’s just one problem—Leo has no interest in princesses. His tastes tend more towards handsome young men who enjoy a good spanking.
Felix Hobson left the kingdom of Lilleforth as a teenager to train as a groom. While he was away he learned a lot, and not all of it had to do with horses—although riding crops were definitely involved. Now an adult, Felix is home to take up the position of royal groom, where he hopes he’ll have plenty of opportunities for a roll in the hay.
When Felix mistakes Leopold for a horse thief and attempts to seduce him, Leopold is delighted by the irreverent, attractive lad, and sparks fly. Their arrangement is all fun and games, right until they both fall hard and fast. But while what they have together is a delight, there’s no way it can last—can it?
They’ll have to navigate a visiting princess, an assassination attempt, and a kidnapping if they want a chance to find out.

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The Stablemaster's Heart by Sarah Honey, Tales of Lilleforth, purple, yellow, Prince, Dual POV, LGBT, Romance, horses

About the author:

Sarah Honey, Bees, Yellow, Logo, AuthorSarah started life in New Zealand. She came to Australia for a working holiday, loved it, and never left. She lives in Western Australia with her partner, two cats, two dogs and a life-size replica TARDIS.
She spends half her time at a day job and the rest of her time reading and writing about clueless men falling in love, with a dash of humour and spice thrown in along the way.
Her proudest achievements include having adult kids who will still be seen with her in public, the ability to make a decent sourdough loaf, and knowing all the words to Bohemian Rhapsody.
She has co-authored both the Bad Boyfriends, Inc and the Adventures in Aguillon series with Lisa Henry. Socially Orcward, the third book in the Aguillon series, was runner up in the Best Asexual Book category in 2021’s Rainbow Awards.

Find her here:    

The Stablemaster's Heart by Sarah Honey, Tales of Lilleforth, purple, yellow, Prince, Dual POV, LGBT, Romance, horses


Ollie squealed and jumped backward as a tiny creature spilled out of a split in the side of an old mattress, disturbed by the bed frame that had been thrown atop it.
Mother Jones laughed, entertained by the sight of his lanky stable lad leaping a foot in the air like a scandalised maiden. “They’re only tiny, lad! Don’t tell me you’re afraid of a mouse ?”
Ollie wiped his hands down the front of his shirt and jutted his chin out. “No! I see them all the time in the stables. I was just surprised, that’s all. Who expects mattress mice?” He stepped close to the cart and, as if to show he wasn’t afraid, shoved the bed frame more firmly into place on top of the mattress. No more mice emerged, and he let out a sigh of relief. “That’s the last of it then?”
“Yes, lad. Now we just have to finish cleaning before the new groom arrives.”
“When does he get here? Who is he? Do you know him?”
“Day after tomorrow, and no, I haven’t met him. Chancell— Prince Consort Mattias hired him, and he comes from Koroslova. That’s all I know.” Mother put his hands on his hips and turned his face up to the sun, stretching out his back. The cottage had been vacant since its previous occupant, Felix—Prince Consort Felix of Lilleforth, now—had abandoned it to go and stay in the castle with his lover the king, and it had taken Mother and Ollie most of the day to set it to rights. They’d wiped away cobwebs, removed the thick layer of dust that had coated every surface, scrubbed the kitchen clean, and taken out the old furniture, which Prince Felix had declared not up to standard. He’d been particularly insistent that the bed be replaced.
Apparently, it squeaked.
Ollie rubbed a forearm across his forehead, leaving a streak of dirt behind. He really had worked hard. He always worked hard, and Mother made a note to give him a day off once the new groom arrived. He was just about to send Ollie off for some hot water and a stiff bristled brush for the floors when Ollie’s eyes widened. He straightened up and gasped out, “Your Highness!”
Mother turned and found Prince Felix sauntering towards them, his hands shoved into the pockets of an oversized coat. Underneath the coat, Felix was wearing an embroidered peacock blue doublet and fitted trousers, and he looked every inch a prince, which led Mother to suspect that perhaps he wasn’t meant to be here.
“Sire,” he said, ducking his head in a slight bow.
“Don’t call me that,” Felix said. “I’m still just Felix.”
“That might be so, but you’re also the prince consort. And that carries a title, sire.”
Felix wrinkled his nose, but his expression brightened when he saw the cart full of old furniture ready to be hauled away. “So, you’re done then?”
“Almost. Just the floors and a last clean through.”
Felix wandered over and stuck his head in the cottage door. “It looks good. When does the new man arrive?”
“Day after tomorrow, sire. Prince Consort Mattias chose him, so I’m sure he’s good at what he does.”
“Either that, or he’s a total disaster and Matty hired the lad to help him out, but hopefully he’s actually competent.” Felix’s voice held the hint of a smile, and Mother couldn’t deny that there was truth to what he was saying. The former chancellor was known for hiring people who needed help escaping a bad situation, although they usually turned out to be excellent at their jobs. He hoped that was the case here, because he could certainly use the help, having taken on the duties of caring for the royal mounts when Felix had moved to the castle. It occurred to Mother that this new groom would be the last person Mattias appointed before he moved to Evergreen with his new wife, the Princess Sophia.
It also occurred to him that today was the day of the farewell luncheon.
He cocked an eyebrow at Felix. “Speaking of which, isn’t there an occasion that you’re meant to be attending, Highness?”
Felix’s brow furrowed again. “It’s not fair,” he grumbled, scuffing at the ground and dirtying the toes of his dress boots. “We avoided all the bollocks with our wedding by having a handfasting, but it turns out I still have to observe the etiquette of being a prince because apparently, it’s a diplomatic faux pas not to have a big farewell for Sophia and Matty. I’ve had to be polite to guests for a week .”
“Well, you did marry the king,” Mother reminded him gently.

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