Review for A Kiss, For Real, Vol.1

Review for A Kiss, For Real, Vol.1

A Kiss, For Real, Vol. 1 Fumie Akuta, Romance, Creative, Mask, Shojo, Girl and Boy almost kissing, FamilyA girl wearing a mask to hide her true self meets a boy who doesn’t want her to wear that mask.

😍Liked that the MC was able to get even more creative and that her parents supported her. She was worried because she had to help out a lot at the restaurant, so I was delighted that her parents and also her sister said yes and made sure to take over things.
😍She wasn’t even that bad at drawing (even though she thought she was, which I could recognise as something of my own). I am sure that if she keeps drawing she can reach high levels.
😍The art was nice and I love the style.
😍I could understand her wearing a mask. Do the same thing for various situations for various reasons. I have seen how people react when I show my real side, the one with ADHD and autism. Not a success.
😍But I was proud that she was also able to put down her mask at times, learn that people didn’t mind if she wasn’t always radiant or shiny.
😍Getting backstory on why she is wearing the mask. Why she wants to be liked so much.

😬The male love interest kisses her and then when she develops feelings is like, yeah, no I don’t do that stuff. I don’t fall in love. I just kissed you to get a reaction/to see your mask slip. I just wanted to punch him. Also how he went from hot to cold to hot to cold. Boo, you are confusing everyone.
😬How our MC just didn’t seem to understand the guy had zero interest in her. She just kept following him. Kept trying to be with him. While I did love that she was able to do more creative stuff, I wonder if she did it because she truly like it or if she did it so she could be closer to him?
😬Why he was so huffy about her wearing a mask. Throughout the book I could see him do the same as his real personality was much different from what he showed. He was just so rude about it.

All in all, a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand I had fun, but on the other hand the male love interest? I just wanted to punch him. Haha. Maybe I will read more of this one, for now, nah.

Star rating, 2.5 stars

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