Review for Bob vs the Selfie Zombies

Review for Bob vs the Selfie Zombies

Bob vs the Selfie Zombies, Andy Jones, Children's Books, Selfies, Zombies, Time Travel, HumourA laugh-out-loud book about travelling, selfies, zombies, banana bread, and more!

In this one we meet Bob who can travel to the future. Well, sounds fun right? Except he cannot control it at all. And he also doesn’t know how far he will land. The first time was just 10 minutes and he startled himself in his bath. The other times it was up for 5 years. And now he is going to a future with a 30-ish old Bob. I did love that he didn’t randomly end up somewhere but instead always ended up near a future version of himself. We also later learn a bit more on how/why it started and the ending was just wow, explaining a lot more and making me almost cry.

In this book it is up to Past Bob to save the future from Selfie Zombies. Yep. Selfie zombies. You think that doesn’t sound too bad? Wait until they gang up on you with a smile and bite you. OM nom nom nom. Better not smile or get caught in a selfie! It got quite exciting at moments especially when Future and Past Bob and Future Malcolm went outside. Because Future Bob needed bananas. Real ones. Not the fake ones that you can easily get (and which are apparently disgusting). It was fun to see the future change bit by bit and see the zombies get a bit more creepy. I loved seeing the past and see what Bob and his friends (well one friend and one girl annoyance as Bob would say it) try their best!

It was great fun to see the future change as Bob tried his best to fix things. I have to say for most it was just OK, but that last one with what changed when Bob/his friends did that thing… that was disturbing and was just a bit too much for me. I would have rather not have gone there. Also how big of an evil mastermind is that person, GEEZ. shivers

I had such a giggle when we got to the past and got some hints on Future Bob’s girlfriend. I just knew instantly who it was and looked forward to getting more hints and see how long it would take for Past Bob to get it.

I just love the fact that the best friend’s MC knows about the time travelling, but each time that Bob from the Past appears he screams, and in one case drops a whole banana bread (thankfully, it was disgusting, so that is not too bad). It just made me giggle. I also love that these two are still best friends even in the future. I wish I had that with my friends from my childhood.

All in all, I really enjoyed this one, it made me laugh so much and I just couldn’t stop reading! I would recommend it to all~

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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