Review for Chef’s Kiss

Review for Chef’s Kiss

Chef's Kiss Jarrett Melendez , Danica Brine (Illustrations) , Hank Jones , Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, Graphic Novel, Writing, Baking, Cooking, Restaurant, New Adult, LGBT, Romance, Flirting, Pig, Friends, Finding Yourself, AdultingA cute book about finding yourself, cooking/baking, friendship, and more!

I have had my eyes on this one for a while and was totally excited when I spotted it over at Library #1! OMG! YES! Finally I could read it and so I did. And this was a lot of fun.

😍The recipes + cooking + the restaurant. OK, the boss-dude took me a bit to get used to, LORD, but I did love the restaurant and the foods they make. All vegetarian, so depending on what they use not always easy for me to eat, but in a perfect world with no allergies I would have visited! I also enjoyed seeing how things were made, see Ben practice, and see him do his own little twist at times.
😍The friendship, though at times I would have liked to see more of that other dude, whose name I forgot, let’s see, Tom! For most it was Rachel, Liz, and Ben. I just loved how Rachel went full in the study stuff, like when it was Shakespeare she talked like that. XD And Liz was also sweet and fun, I loved her finding something she enjoyed and getting a big opportunity.
😍Seeing Ben grow and find something next to writing/books, he thought he would just be a writer, but instead he has found something else to love and enjoy. Something he is good at.
😍That he was such a bookworm, for reals, I just loved that! Bookworms in stories are just a big plus for me!
😍The flirting! So much flirting! So cute!
😍The art style, well, when I got used to it. XD It took me a bit, but after that I liked it.
😍Young adult/adult characters in a graphic novel, doing their best to get used to adult life. From studying to finding a job to talk about parents to figuring out how everything is working for them.
😍The ending part, where Ben’s parents aren’t happy. I was so proud of everyone in the restaurant, especially the owner. How he reacted to the situation was A-Plus. And it made me like him a bit more. Seeing that he really seemed to care about his employees.
😍And then there are the last pages and what Ben has decided to do. I loved that he took his time, that he closed himself off from asking advice/talk to people, and just really figure it out on his own without any interference.
😍The challenges, I loved that he had to complete these to get approval + to stay. That is such an interesting thing. And I also like that we see that it isn’t one two three and done, oh no, we see Ben study and work hard for them. Figuring out the best way to do things, getting his friends to taste-test for him, and more.

Not such a fan:
😕I mean, Watson was adorable, but he just did things that a normal pig doesn’t and it just took away from the book in my eyes. I think it would have worked better if he was just a normal pig. Or if this had way more fantasy elements. For now, with how serious it was, it just didn’t click.
😕Just kiss already, haha. It took way too long for them to kiss.
😕At times it felt a bit too cramped/cluttered/compact on the pages, too much in details, too much dialogue, and it took me longer to read.
😕At times I wasn’t a fan of Ben. I mean, I get that things aren’t easy for him and that he is finding his way, but I just wasn’t a fan how he acted around all of his friends at times, and I wasn’t a fan how he lied to his parents and then seemed surprised that they were angry at him.

All in all, I am very happy I finally had the chance to read this one and it was just so fun! And I got quite hungry as well.

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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