Review for Cutie and the Beast, Vol.1

Review for Cutie and the Beast, Vol.1

Cutie and the Beast, Vol.1, Yuhi Azumi, Wrestling, Sports, Dual POV, Age Gap, Man, Woman, Cute, RomanceA cute manga about a girl and the wrestling dude she likes!

I was looking for something similar to Ore Monogatari, aka big guy and small girl. I came across this one and I decided to get it on my next manga haul and here we are!

I loved how big of a fan Momoka was of wrestling, and then especially of Kuga. Going to all his fights. Chatting with him. Tweeting. Cheering. Hoping that maybe he would notice her. Which was just cute. Haha, though I do agree with her sister, dang Momoka gets really into it when things get heated.

Kuga was also a great MC and I am glad we also got some time with him. See both sides of the story. Though I have to say I didn’t recognise him always, he generally has his hair in a knot/tied up and a few occasions it was loose and I was like, wait who is that? I would love to get to know Kuga more, find out how he got into wrestling.

The art was so pretty! I just loved the character designs, how shoujo it felt, but at the same time the fights were done nicely!

I do have to say I wasn’t expecting the age gap as it is. I did think it would have a gap, after all he is a wrestling guy and she didn’t look that old, but it is 12 years. She is 17 and he is 29. Yep. That is a big gap and I was worried on how it would be handled. But I have to say it was handled well. OK, the ending for this volume was a big manga solution, but I will take it. I do hope that he is going to wait until she is at least a bit older, 18-19 before really start dating her and then eventually head to that thing he mentioned in the end. I was happy that Momoka was honest with Kuga when he asked her age. I was very much worried that she would lie, but in the end she went with the truth and I was very proud of her. Yes, it made things difficult, I mean, 12 years can work out, but if both are legal adults. Kuga wasn’t sure what to do and picked x, which wasn’t handy, but I at least liked that eventually they were able to talk. To chat. It took two big chats though. Haha. I also loved that Kuga’s friend told him to stop contacting her and don’t go for it. That isn’t something that is standard in manga, so that made me happy.

I am curious what is going to be next. Will they be dating? Will we get a time skip? Something else? I will be picking up the next volume when I can.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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