Review for Fairy Tail Blue Mistral, Vol. 01

Review for Fairy Tail Blue Mistral, Vol. 01

Fairy Tail Blue Mistral, Vol. 01 Hiro Mashima , Rui Watanabe, Adventure, Magic, Fantasy, Fairy Tail, Awesome, Manga, Girls, Boy, Flying Cat, YellowThe first volume in Wendy’s own adventure! So fun~

One of the books from my Kodansha-Free-Volume-1 spree and I am happy I got it. I love Fairy Tale/Hiro Mashima’s work so I had to get this one!

In this one we follow Wendy and her friend/pet/whatever you want to call it Carla. She is going on her own adventure and prove to the guild that she is really worthy of being a Fairy Tail! I loved that she was so strong to do this, but that we could also see that she was nervous and wondered if she had done the right thing. It was great following her on her journey and see what her first mystery/case would be! In this case it was a village with strange things happening, people missing, a dragon stone, and more. I really had so much fun reading about the village and seeing the mystery get thicker and thicker and everyone try their hardest to solve it and make everything right again. Wendy was just so awesome, and once more, I loved that she didn’t just jump into things (well for most). And I loved that she showed more emotion. A lot of times with manga like this people are just brave. Or super courageous. But it is fine to show some emotions.

I also loved the new friend Wendy makes with Yoshino. Though Yoshino really needs to get over her petty jealousy. But other than that, a fantastic new character who is quite strong in magic. Transformative magic is so cool! I loved seeing her make flowers appear, or even change something much bigger!

Sadly, I knew the bad guy from the start. It was just too obvious. OK, good, there was some more to it all and that made me happy, it was much more than just this one person, but I would have just liked to have a bigger mystery on the bad guy.

I loved the battle in the last part of the manga and especially seeing THEM again. Oh no, I am not telling you who, but I can tell you that I love it. On the one hand I would have liked to see Wendy solve it on her own, she is strong, but we also know that attack is not entirely her forte, so I am also happy with the help. Plus, I like THEM so that also helped. Haha.

The ending made me smile and also made me want to read more of this one!

I am not entirely sold on the art. I don’t think it really fitted with the Fairy Tale stuff, more with an older shoujo manga. Also could we please no show Carla without ears/upper head? It looked very weird in a few panels.

But all in all, I need more! If I get the chance I will definitely continue this story. I want to see Wendy grow, get better in magic, discover the world.

Star rating, 4 stars

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